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Monday, March 14, 2011

Always Prepare For The Worst

Here is an excellent article regarding one of the most industrialized countries in the world, Japan. The overwhelming scale of damage is astronomical, heartbreaking and definitely makes the world hopefully, think about the "what if" factor if this was ever to arrive on the shores of their nation.

Japan overwhelmed by the scale of damage -msnbc

As I read the article I could not help but read into it a little more deeper. From this disaster alone it's saying WAKE-UP! More things are to come. But not only that, I've noticed of how great and enormous this disaster is not even their own government can truely help their people.  This industrialized country has literally been brought to it's knees. Foreign search and rescue teams being dispatched to assist Japan has taken a while to reach all these cities or prefectures, and majority of the people of Japan in the hardest areas hit have been running on empty for four days now. One man stated that his wife had prepared by having stocked up on water in the event of a disaster, this man is very fortunate to have a wife that at least prepared them with water. I cannot say the same for everyone else.

I strongly believe every single country will be brought down to it's knee's and we are all being shown a few of the things that will come upon us all, it's just so evident in what is happening globally, economically and nationally with all countries. There are no favorites when it comes to disasters. And if this article alone does not speak volumes on end regarding preparing in full force to the mass, I don't know what will. I have no idea how many horrendous disasters it will take to wake people up out of their slumber to start preparing. These days no country is exempt from catastrophic disasters and that goes for industrialized countries like the US.

Oh don't get me wrong the US is and has suffered disasters throughout the years but not of this porportion and magnitude, this one far outweighs anything we have ever seen here in the US alone.

Yes, the Japanese people are a humble people indeed and polite and courteous by far, there's no comparison to any other culture and their humble ways but you must also realize one thing here. When you are faced with a catstrophic disaster so large and huge in scale, not to mention the nuclear plants exploding and giving off radiation to who knows what levels compounding this with no food, water, shelter, gas, electricity, sanitation, loss of major life and families being displaced and or still missing and so much more for how long more will one be able to keep hope alive? How long more faced with this can one be so humble and sustain a positive attitude in all this? We are all human and sooner than later we will all breakdown and things will start to get ugly out there without the necessities that our body needs in order to function properly and think straight. I hate to say it but if help does not reach these people sooner than later it just might turn pretty ugly. No one was prepared for this Mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. I don't think anyone was even prepared for this spiritually either.

I urge everyone to REALLY read this article and let it speak to you LOUD and CLEAR.
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