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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Preparedness Prevents Panic

Twice the charm, three times....well I won't go there. Reminiscent of last year in February when the state of Hawaii was placed on alert for a Tsunami warning stemming from an 8.8 magnitude earthquake occuring off the coast of the Maule region of Chile. It is a miracle that Hawaii has not once but twice dodged another bullet from being hit by a potentially catastrophic Tsunami. Somebody was definitely watching over us. However, all fortunate streaks must come to an end at some point and time. And unfortuantely all of us end up learning the hard way just like those unprepared residents who scurried to stores across the state once again in search of food, water, and gas haphazardly as they usually do right before a disaster strikes. Luckily, Hawaii had a 5 hour window to do and or get the needed items everyone rushed out to try and secure along with everybody else. But in my books I don't see that window as "lucky" because now you're out there with hundreds if not thousands competing for gas, food, and water. Compound that with having to evacuate your entire family and let's not forget to add you have not a clue where you're going and what you will all be needing. Oh yes and don't forget about your pets, what type of plans would you have for them as well? In fact would you even have a well thought out plan to begin with? I know the answer to that one and it's obviously no. While you're running around like chickens without heads the clock is ticking away and as you head out to the car you look out into the streets and all you see is wall to wall traffic for miles on end with no end in sight. At this point most of you have not even reached a store or gas station and then the officials start to close down major roads and highways. How prepared were you at this point? That 5 hour window was a key component in evacuating period and that does not include going to a store for food and water or stopping at a gas station to fill up.

If it was like Japan, literally no warning basically, A lot of residents would not stand a chance, were talking major devastation. Let the nature of our reality that we are all living in now teach you some major valuable lessons. If you have not noticed by now globally, many natural and man made disasters are continually going to occur and they have been occuring more frequently than usual, PAY ATTENTION! This year into next year are the years to watch but not only to watch but to be prepared. Be prepared for anything and everything. For those of you who choose to live near the ocean or water, well, that's your choice but know the risks. Begin or start to have a plan for the family and pets do this ahead of time and do a practice run every so often. The next step would be is to have a food storage plan, start stocking up on foods, water, first aid kits and items that you'd need "just in case" something arises out of the blue when you least expect it to because that is how all disasters occur when you least expect them to. Don't be caught with your pants down you'll be sorry. Remember, when the need arises the time to prepare has passed but also remember the 3 P's Preparedness Prevents Panic.

As I flew out of bed hearing the sirens blaring late in the evening of March 10th I rushed to turn on my radio and the hubby tuned into the TV to hear the news of the earthquake in Japan and a Tsunami warning issued for the state of Hawaii all I could think about was informing people on the blog as best as I possibly could. You see, I knew how prepared I was because this is something that I do on a constant basis and have been doing for years. It's in my blood and I wear it like second skin, you have to these days you just have to. Everything in the world now is so unstable you just never know what each day will bring or take away from you, your state or nation or any other nation for that matter. I am an avid prepper and I wouldn't have it any other way. And the reason I am here on this blog is to help others in this state to better prepare themselves for anything and everything as best as I possibly can. Ultimately, preparedness starts with you.

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aloha, that was an awesome post! Really! You spoke the truth!!

How anyone could live there and not be prepared is amazing, isn't it? I'm so glad that all was well and you guys were spared the horror that Japan has seen.

Aloha2U said...

Hi Gen-Il! Thank you, my focus here is to get people on board prepping and pronto! Especially in this state.

I'm so grateful that we were spared but this will not always be the case and the people of Hawaii better realize this now if not very soon.

I was so saddened about Japan, I'm still praying for that nation and their people every single day. It breaks my heart to see any footage of that country in the aftermath. I just cannot watch no more.

But we just gotta keep chugging along spreading the word and making others aware and continue to prepare and teach others the importance of preparedness.

What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

As I was sitting in the Honolulu airport with the sirens blaring, I was amazed at how nonchalant people were. As per my normal, my bugout bag was on my back (minus knife and gun). I even had my water bottle with the filter. After all, you can't walk through the check point with liquid but you can have an empty bottle and fill it as you as you go through the line. My luggage was checked but none of that was needed. I even had a sleeping bag attached to the bottom of my pack. I was ready to take a hike up into the hills if my scheduled midnight flight got delayed.

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