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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Preppers Ultimate Challenge

Upon waking each day we no longer know what to expect anymore when it comes to the economy, weather, financial outlook of the dollar, housing market, jobs, civil unrest in the Middle East which ultimately leads to oil and fuel, that trickles right into the rising cost of food around the world as global food prices continue to rise. The only thing that shows consistency is unstability in the world. Natural disasters are on the rise as well, or have any of you noticed by now? Trying my hardest not to laugh at that question.

While most sheeples are more mesmerised and hypnotised by the latest Ipads, Ipods, cellphones and the best and latest Wii games, preppers such as I are more focused and honed into the likes of disasters of all types. On a continuous never ending streak of preparedness in all fields and aspects when it comes to preparing for the "what if" and "when" factor. A magnitude of preppers are already hunkering down with plans, skills, knowledge and beforehand knowledge on any and everything preparedness. We know and have known for many years the trials and tribulations that we will all be facing in these times. As we've built this wisdom of preparing, we've strengthened the knowledge of being prepared and ready for what may come. Acquiring skills in food storage, first aid, medicine, weapons of defense, gardening, hunting, the what-to's, the how-to's, the not what to-do's, etc, and the many aspects that this all entails. Researching, studying, learning and continuously building our knowledge in regards to preparedness. Our greatest teachers are history, disasters and man's unfailing predictability to NOT prepare.

Japan is a beautiful country, an industrialized country just as America is but they are different. Technology wise, they are far superior than the United states. Culturally, they are far humble, gracious and polite than Americans. Musically, more outrageous and highly talented in a multitude of styles and sounds, they are the chameleons of the music industry. They are ultimately the trendsetters of all time. Most or some of you may not agree with me but this is in my opinion only because I have lived and worked there many years ago and was able to pick up and learn the language through the Japanese people. They are accustomed to earthquakes and tsunami's, but they are not used to disasters of such magnitude in succession or sequence of one another. And the world has witnessed the unfolding of not 1 or 2 but 3 disasters Japan was faced with, one after another.

With all the technology any industrialized country has, it's still no match for 3 disasters, two of which were natural and the third is man made. Natural and man made collided as we all watched in horror and disbelief.
Japan's nuclear reactors failed due to no power caused by the earthquake which compounded into a more serious crisis, nuclear radiation. As if the tsunami was not enough and before that the 9.1 earthquake.
What would happen if our nation was faced with a multitude of disasters of these magnitudes all at the same time? Who would step up to the plate and be brave enough to help us? Look and learn from how long it takes to provide help and assistance to the people of Japan. Emotionally, I don't even want to go there or begin to tell you where it ends or starts. So much loss and devastation, how would they mentally cope with this. Physically, you really need to be fit, healthy, quick reflexes, fast and or darn lucky to have been able to survive this without any scars whatsoever. And if they did survive this, how will they be able to sustain their survival in the present situation they are currently in which is bad, very bad. On a spiritual level I'm not so sure where they're at. Financially, this affects everyone.

Prepping has just gotten punked. Disasters of this multitude has changed the playing fields of preparing, the stakes have risen kicking it up a couple notches now. Knowing these things our plans, skills and everything else for that matter needs to be tweaked tenfold to the tenth power to warp ten. And tweaking them needs to be at warp speed out of this world in another galaxy. We need to be on top of, over and under and way beyond the milky way in our prepping. This is what I call the preppers ultimate challenge.

Japanese search for survivors

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