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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thinking of Moving to Hawaii? Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Upon moving anywhere the first thing one should do is a lot of research.  If you're deciding to move to Hawaii I would strongly consider reading the states newspapers and get to know the economy and state governments, learn as much as you can about our taxes because the state of Hawaii has high taxes.  Another tip is save every single penny you've got because you will need it and then some.  Most of the families here live under one roof and that means grandparents, Moms and Dads, Aunties and Uncles and the children.  Some if not most have multiple families living under one roof.  Another fact to know is that a lot of people out here have more than one job, this is a great indication of how high the cost of living is to live in Hawaii.  A lot of people here end up moving because of better job opportunities elsewhere and the high cost of living just to survive in Hawaii.  Just take a look at the classified ads for rental homes or lease and fee simple homes that should give you an idea of how much homes are going for now.  Here's a few in Honolulu, Pearl City, and Kaneohe on the island of Oahu.  These are just a few but you can look into what ever it is that will suit your budget.  Rentals can go anywhere from $1,400 and up and I believe this is the price for a studio, and even this might be higher now.  Property and square footage here is very small but the price is outrageously large.

The economy here is not any better than anywhere else, we are in a recession as well.  The price of food and fuel is high and it will continue to rise same goes for taxes.  Because 80-90 percent of our commodities are shipped or flown in by planes from the mainland everything here is ridiculously priced beyond the stars.  To make matters worse hundreds of state government workers have already been laid off and with this a few government services have also been cut.  If you are thinking of moving to Hawaii I would advise you to visit this state first and just check it out for yourself and do a little sightseeing and talk to the locals and get to know what it's like from them to live here.  Go on a tour and just check out homes all over the island and anything else that would help you to make any sort of descision.  In fact check up with a real estate agent and go around with them to get an idea about the homes and areas and what they are going for.  Every state has it's negative and positive sides but you really got to know what you want and what you are getting into before hand.  If you know someone that's half the battle in making the move, if not you've got a lot of work ahead of you and we've haven't even gotten to the meat and potatoes part of "prepping" yet either.  Although most of this is basically preparing for "the" move but like I've said do the homework and then do even more homework.

Another thing, regarding the Hawaiians and the land issues and history dating back to the kings and queens of this land and islands-I can't see any kind of "hawaiian revolution" happening anytime soon or at all for this very fact, they all accept government help in some form or another so go figure.  Until they start living in grass shacks and living off the land and building their own canoes to fish for food and hunt for food on a daily basis like their ancestors used to without government assistance then I'd say a probability just may be there but for your sake and mine, it ain't happening-I should know because I am part hawaiian the difference for me is that I don't live off of the government, the government lives off of me.  The only revolution I can see in the very near distance is of the people, by the people and for the people and when this happens nothings gonna matter.  Whether you're black, white, purple, yellow or brown the only thing people will see and feel is red and that's anger, because we will all be going through what is to come upon us.

The weather here is sunny all year round, rainy as well, hot and humid too.  At higher elevations depending on where you live in the islands it gets a bit cold and chilly but nothing compared to the rest of the 49 states in fact no comparison.  We do have hurricane season here from June 1st to November and earthquakes we have as well.  As a chain of islands situated in the middle of the Pacific ocean we are susceptable to tsunami's and we are also a part of the ring of fire.  There are several inactive and or dormant volcanoes on every island, the Big Island has the active one as far as I know but one can never tell if the others will one day just mysteriously awaken-that would not be good at all.  This is just a brief but short overview about Hawaii and info regarding moving here there's so much more to be written and said until then keep prepping!
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Dawn said...

I would like some imput from you as to where I should start in my move to Hawaii. I have moved to many places on a whim and lived in my tent while living off of fish and working for farmers in exchange for food and would like to know if you think this would be possible there. Also, any suggestions where I should start. I really need a change in lifestyle as I have gotten stuck in a professional rut that I do not enjoy. Thanks:-)

Phoenix said...

This is a great post with lots of good advice. There are a couple of things that I would add, as someone who lived there for many, many years and married a local boy:

1. Hawaii has strict gun registration regulations and requirements. As in NO concealed carry permits. Now, technically, such permits are allowed but in practice they are never issued.

2. If you are white, be very careful where you choose to live. Hawaii's dirty little secret is a prevalent animosity towards whites and the military. Example: Beat a Haole Day.

3. Of all the islands, Oahu is the most densely populated. In a TEOTWAKI scenario, you and 1.5 million other people will be trying to fish and live off the land.

Aloha2U said...

Phoenix-Great add's and very much true our gun laws are still the worse in the nation I believe. #2 I would say half and half. It's like you won't be living in Compton or Watts either in California no matter what color you are. But there is some truth in (beat a haole day) but it's not as extreme as other parts of this country.

There is racism and prejudice out here that's a fact but tell me one area in the world where there is not? I had to laugh because I can remember that when I was in high school, I never really understood it clearly then and it still makes no sense to me today.

But if I really think about it the local people get irritated I suppose at others ignorance yet on the other side of the coin they become ignorant themselves. Yes, this type of behavior still exists and it is wrong but it is true where you live on the island you have to be careful, in fact I would not even go to those parts of the islands and I am 50% Hawaiian.

Some may have animosity towards white people and the military due to the past history of kings and queens and the take over of these islands but I have no problems maybe because I am part white as well I don't know.

But it's funny here because everyone literally makes fun of everyone no matter what color or race you are. It seems though that it's a lot milder than other states.

I'll tell you a true story that happened to me. About 1-2 years ago where I was working one day a local Hawaiian man had a problem with me. He left my place of employment and called my managers to complain about me. I got called into the office and my manager asked me to explain what had happened. I said to the manager I did what I am told to do in following store policies and procedures and this customer became irate with me and it was just a simple procedure that we do all the time 24-7, 365 days a year and everyone who goes to the place to shop where I work know we do this ALL the time.

But this particular customer got all stupid on me when I was only doing my job. Then, my manager asked me "by the way, what is your nationality?" I said why, what does this have to do with anything?" So I told him, then my manager laughed, I said "what??!!" He then said, "figures" and laughed more.
Then I was like okay what happen? what did I do? My manager told me that the local Hawaiian guy called and said that I was predjudice towards Hawaiians!!! I was like, excuse me? Um yeah, I'm prejudice towards ignorant people and he definitely was ignoranus.

In a TEOTWAKI scenario, I really don't think very many people would survive here period, I don't even know what the likelyhood of my survival rate would be either.

In a madmax scenario its gonna take a lot for anyone individual to really survive on all levels of existence.

And if anyone particular person has the will and drive to pull through they are going to have to come together with others and share that same goal and drive just to survive if not it ain't happening, not sure how they're gonna do it but it needs to be done in some structural manner and fast.

TEOTWAKI will be global, no matter where you'll be in the world no one will be safe. No other area in the world will be left any better than another because wherever you may be you will still have to face adversity in all it's facets and in every direction.

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