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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hurricane Seasons 1st Forming In The Pacific Ocean

The first hurricane of the season in the Pacific Ocean, Celia, reached maximum sustained winds of 105 mph monday night, according to the National Weather Service.  It was reported about 3,400 miles east-southeast of the Big Island.  Reported by Star-Advertiser staff and news.

Tropical storm Darby has also formed behind Celia in the Pacific Ocean, for more information go to NOAA and check out the National Hurricane Center.

With the hurricane season going into almost a month now upon us it's a good idea to make sure you have your emergency kits updated and in place.  Get in the habit of doing a monthly inventory of what you have and need to replace.  Have all important documents updated and sealed in Ziploc bags or any other securing methods that would prevent them from being damaged from hazardous weather conditions.  Have several copies of all important documents in the event you lose them and place each set of copies in each emergency kit for every family member.  If ever you and or your family are seperated you each will have some form of documentation upon each of you.  Photos are another item(s) to also have for insurance purposes, loss of pets, family members, cars, homes etc.  Keep several photos alongside your documents and important papers.  Do a thorough check inside and outside of your home securing and fixing anything that you may need to repair ahead of any storm.  If you discover your home has no hurricane clips do make it a priority to go get some now and not when the hurricane is at your doorstep.  Fix and repair all windows and screens and keep an eye out for leaks through wood paneling or sliding glass doors and don't forget the roof.  If anything leaks in from the outside of a home especially when it rains get it fixed immediately, don't wait for Mr. Hurricane to come knocking and say "I told you so". 

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