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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food Storage: Herbs and Spices Info

Herbs and spices are an asset to have in the pantry when it comes to preps.  Salt and pepper are the basics but there is so much more besides flavoring our foods when it comes to using herbs and spices which are beneficial to our health and wellbeing.  They not only make the foods that we eat taste better but they have multifunctional properties and uses.  Herbs and spices are used holistically and can be used for multiple purposes.  Cayenne pepper is the active ingredient in pepper spray for protection and self-defense and can also be used in the garden to ward off unwanted pests.  Cayenne pepper may also be used as a medicinal herb but do check with your physician or doctor to make sure you're not allergic or have any other ailments that may negatively affect you before use.  The same caution goes for all herbs and spices because some people may be adversely affected compared to others, so to be on the safe side of any usage of herbs and spices other than for cooking check with your doctor first.  Also, do a lot of research and reading on all spices and herbs to be aware of the pro's and con's of each one.  Tumeric happens to be one of my favorite's in my spice and herbs collection I've used it not only in my cooking and meals but also in my teas.  I just love it in a curried chicken salad sandwich and you can basically add just about anything else you'd like in this sandwich recipe which makes it an even hardier sandwich, it's so yummy!  I love adding apples it's so good, giving it a hint of crisp sweetness.

Annies Remedy has a really great list of herbs and spices including it's properties and uses with loads of information as well do check it out.  Click here for another informative site on herbs and spices and learn more about where they all came from.  When it comes to storing herbs and spices its always best to keep them in cupboards and pantries that are always closed, cool and dark away from light and heat to help keep them fresh and extend its usage, for more info go here and also check the Herbs & Spices guide.  To learn more about methods for long term stock piling herbs and spices here's a good article written by Lynne Smythe.

It's a good idea to have a book or several books regarding herbs and spices chock full of information so that when you need help and advice or recipes and tips you have a guide in hand as part of your preps.  I have quite a few to refer to and a couple in my BOB's, You could also put some herbs and spices in your BOB's but don't forget to periodically check on them and rotate and or replenish.

With all the herbs and spices out there I have a pretty good collection stocked in my pantry but I'm continually finding spices to use and using it on a daily basis is a plus.  And by constantly using them you learn how it affects your health with its medicinal properties and you also learn to incorporate them in all of your food storage recipes which will help your food taste not only good but beneficial for you in the long run.

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I'm low on salt and need to restock. I usually buy lots at the Amish bulk food store and we didn't get there last year, so I'm down to the end. Hoping to get there this year.
I LOVE curry chicken!!! Mmmmm. Hubby isn't crazy about curry, so I can't cook with it. But, I miss curry chicken!
You're right. If we run out of spices or salt during a SHTF moment, we're going to have some really bland food! Not a good though!!

Aloha2U said...

I know what you mean regarding the hubby not being crazy about certain items you like to eat. Fortunately for me the hubs loves curry but I need to keep within the boundaries of my spice additions because I like to load my foods that I cook with all kinds of tasty herbs and spices but the hubs is not too fond of a truckload of it on his food.

It's like with fruits the hubs is very limited, he only eats apples, bananas and oranges anything else he refuses to eat in the fruit department so what I do is find other ways to get him to eat it that will taste good by his standards-the things we got to do to make hubs tummy happy. I end up tossing all kinds of different fruits in a blender and make him a smoothie, blended fruit bowl or shake. To my surprise he likes it and very much too.

I need to find a way to make corned beef for my meals because the hubby will not eat it and I oh so miss it because hubby does not like it. I need to figure this one out because it's been years and I need a corned beef fix!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aren't we good about getting foods to our men in sneaky ways!! Smoothies are the best places to hide stuff like that! Corned beef. Mmmmmm. Reuben sandwiches!!! Yummy! (That's one sandwich that hubby will eat, but not with the sauerkraut in it! Oh well! We do what we can, right?) Take care!

upinak said...

OH COOL! Aloha, I wuv you!

I just dehydrated my first batch of herbs!!!! I am so proud of myself. LOL and I am such a dork.

FYI Gen and Aloha... if you run out of salt, and you have burnt wood chips or wood ash, it doesn't hurt to sprinkle some on your food. It has some salt in the ash, and gives it a smokey flavor too.

Just in case you ever need to spice up bland food when you run out of salt.

Aloha2U said...

Gen-You are definitely making my mouth water for that sandwich, but I'd really like to have corned beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots, love the sauerkraut too. The last time I had that was when I was still under my mom's wings at a younger age. Hubs will not even eat the canned one either but I tell you what, if there's nothing to eat in the world I am most positive he will be forced to eat it.

Upinak-lol, thanks for reminding me, I too need to be dehydrating my herbs as well. I had no idea about the burnt wood chips or wood ash, I need to write this down and remember it thank you so much for the tip!

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