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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Should I Prepare Organically As Well?

Good question.  Taking the organic route just may be the sound way to go these days when it comes to healthier choices regarding produce, dairy and meat products.  Although it seems pricey and a little more expensive compared to it's non-organic counterparts but with all the tax hikes taking place on this very day the playing field will level out on all produce, dairy and meat products.  Everything is going up.  Especially with gas going up and in Hawaii 80-90% of our commodities are shipped or flown in.  So, it's unclear how much of an impact by going organic on most of my preps will be.  Just recently the hubby has shifted gears into the "organics" when it comes to food in general, this is a good thing.  I was hoping he'd shifted gears a long time ago but this is better than nothing I suppose.  For the longest time I have always stressed to the hubby the importance of eating healthy and how much of an effect it has on ones physical wellbeing.  Having high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels hubby needs to pay careful attention to what he eats.  He also needs to take prescription drugs to lower these levels, the good thing though is that he does not literally camp on these medications, he takes them in moderation.  With this in mind I make sure he is aware of all the different types of food products that he eats as well as all GMO's.

Preparing organically fully is great but without the funds to continue prepping this way is another story.  Like any other prepping endeavor budgeting is a given to balance out the rest of the bills we have.  So far so good I've been able to do this incorporating a smooth balanced budget plan towards prepping and everything else and saving a little extra on the side as a "just in case" emergency fund back-up.  We regularly shop at Whole Foods probably twice a month but that store gets me so tempted into spending more it's awfully scary other than that we love this store.  The regular grocery store we do frequently visit has a limited supply of natural and organically grown foods and products.  One of the products it does happen to carry is from the company Organic Valley, organic valley is always organic and farmer owned since 1988 in the USA.  Whole foods carries alot more of their products I am so glad! I'd rather support these farmers than any other.  I have not found a farmer in my own state yet that I could trust when it comes to their produce and how it is grown and by what standards and pesticides.  Interestingly enough, I did happen to come across an article regarding Whole Foods earlier in the year that you'd might want to be aware of when it comes to anything of the "organic" nature, click here and do check out the video on it.  When it comes to organic, natural or what ever you still need to delve into research all the way down to the roots and fiber of anything and everything that you use and consume because anybody can say, write or stamp things on products claiming it's certified organic by so and so. The Organic Consumers Association is an excellent website filled with information reagarding organic issues.

I don't advocate going organic all the way preparedness wise because it is foolish, maybe in a perfect world this could happen but our world is far from perfect, nowhere near any horizon of perfection.  Then again maybe perfected in it's state of imperfection and chaos that's about it.  If and when TEOTWAWKI happens there will be no such thing as "organic" or "naturally grown" much of anything left, let alone none of this will really matter anymore.  It will matter to the extent of your health in how well you've kept yourself in shape physically thus far but eventually you will have to use what ever resources you do have available.  It is only prudent to have a variety of preps such as canned goods, freeze dried, dehydrated as well as an edible garden.  Organic items are always a plus but without any preservatives involved I'm not sure how long these items would last or you'll just have to use them first.  I must say, I really do love organic and having grown my own organic vegetable, herbs and fruit garden it's the best way to go healthwise.  But, you do have to question anything else outside of your own home garden and you do have to research a little more about any other items you'd like to additionally throw into your preps when it comes to food products and what goes into them to get a better idea of what you're actually ingesting.  Below is a list of other companies that may tweek your organic interest.

Nature's Path
Newmans Own Organics
Organic Prairie

These are just a few of the organic products that I can get here knowing that it's okay because it's not as if I can just go driving and find a farm out of nowhere off of the road selling fresh produce.  Although there are a few small fruit and vege stands as you travel to the otherside of the island but I still don't trust them either and I would not travel down and over yonder just for that because I grow my own.  In all my preps I have kept up in doing much needed research in everything that I have decided to store long and short term wise especially when it comes to items that we use and consume on a daily basis.  This can become time consuming but it needs to be done and being in the "know" of things is always a plus in anything we do on a preparedness level.


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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good points, Aloha! It surprised me that you haven't found a good organic farmer on the island that you trust. I guess I just think of HI as so small that it would be a cinch to find! :) Yes, moderation is good in regards to organics. Especially when you know that it doens't necessarily mean 'not sprayed', but usually means 'sprayed less'. I think some folks don't know that. I once saw the produce guy at the grocery fill the reg. apples from his box of apples and then go and fill the organic apples from the same box!!!!! That was an eye-opener!! Like you, I've always considered my garden and fruit to be my organic 'shopping'!! Take care!!

Phoenix said...

Down to Earth and Kokua Market on King St. are also good organic alternatives.

Aloha2U said...

Have to try Kokua Market but do go to Down to Earth every now and then despite the small selection. And I need to be very careful when it comes to my budget shopping for organic products. Also been trying to keep up with my gardening ramping up the vege's and herbs more in different varieties as well. My neighbor has a huge papaya tree with several offshoots loaded with the fruits (non-GMO)whew! She gave me a few. So later I'll be able to plant the seeds as well. She told me she don't care for these and she'd rather eat the GMO ones-go figure. So she lets the birds eat them.

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