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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mental Preparedness

The mentality of ones own mind brings to the open an awareness of great capacity to be attuned to every aspect of each of our lives.  It is not just mentally thinking or having thoughts of your every waking busy daily lives but it goes beyond speaking that having an acute attunement to be able to challenge the mind in ways beyond ones ability is and by far an on going process.  Our mental aptitude is greatly challenged when we enter into the realms of grade schooling and then from there onto the levels we excel into higher education passing high school and then onto college.  Academically, we prepare for the fields that we choose to enter in to and make a part of our lives in hopes of better serving those around and within us by providing others with much needed services.  We are all connected despite our duties and jobs in life, there cannot be one without another, nor can one be greater than another.  If Walmart had no employee's nationwide there would be no Walmart and therefore you would not be able to access any of there low price items either.  If farmers no longer existed all your produce would more than likely come from other nations 100%, we do still use other countries for commodities and produce is one of them.  If there were no other jobs how would state or federal government jobs exist without the taxpayers paying them as well so you see the connection and dominoe effects here? How in the world would someone on welfare receive any welfare checks? Indiana Preppers Network has an excellent post that I thought the whole world should check out it's titled Stupid People Scare Me the latest post Erniej has written which I gladly give a shout-out to her and her site ten-fold.  The disturbing video inbedded in that post is a riot and depression twisted into how amazingly uneducated people truly are at the least it's a sad indication of what's out there in our nation.

Now that I've got your undivided mental attention and started to work on the wheels of the mind have you ever thought about mentally preparing for the unexpected?  Such as an unexpected pregnancy?  Or how about coming home to only find out that the entire house is engulfed in flames because of an electrical shortage that was suppose to be repaired but you kept letting it slide because of other things going on?  Here's a better one, your bills are piling up and the credit cards have all been maxed out beyond its limits and the collectors are knocking at your front door and as you open the door you come to discover that much that you have are all about to be confiscated, which by the way isn't much to be taken to begin with but its all that you have materialistically that you happen to cling to with your dear life?.  And what happens when you find out for the very first time that a family member is involved with drugs or worse a murder?  Your mind will be blown away and much of you will be taken aback and more than likely in deep shock, you won't know where to begin to think.  These are only small instances among the millions of things, issues, circumstances or what ever you want to call them that happen to people everyday.  The effects mentally are by far mind boggling, no one is ever prepared mentally when the unexpected happens to them.

When you think about it we are each mentally challeged daily, we are programmed to be mentally alert in all that we do and think whether you are studying for an exam or just waking up in the morning and thinking of all the tasks ahead of the day for you.  Your emotional state of balance is also interconnected here as well but that's a another post I will tackle next.  Everyone is different and unique in there own ways and no two lives are identical and in knowing this our paths vary usually along the lines of our learning processes throughout our lives.  Our mental state of being is dependent largely on the environment that we are surrounded by it thrives and pierces the very fibers of the minds of men and women constantly.  We live in a world that demands a great deal of our time, money and efforts be it mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.  The question here is how does one mentally prepare for anything?

In the event of a disaster the mental aspect of a person will be tremendously challenged and put to the test.  The mind will exceedingly have to be in collaboration with the other aspects of the self.  You will have to be executing descisions instantaneously whether you like it or not and some of the choices will be "do with or without" or worse yet a matter of "do or die" case scenarios.  None of us will truly know the answers to these questions until "that" something ever does happen until then educating the mind in these areas to a greater extent would be a good idea.  Fear will play a big role in how well we fare in a disaster event but that's all part of it but if you are properly prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially you'll be able to balance everything else and do what is needed to be done by focusing on the situation at hand allowing you to move through trying times with strength and agility.  I'm not eliminating the difficulties that we each may encounter because it will all be there magnified but at least you will have a somewhat good handle on things I am hoping and praying.  No one prepared me for my marriage I did, no one prepared me for the deaths and loss that ocurred in my family I did and I continually do so as each loved family member passes through the years, no one prepared me for the economic down turn that our nation is currently facing I prepare myself for these things constantly.  I have never lived beyond my means, I have shopped at Savers, Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for years and have saved quite a bit of money in doing so.  I was never one for trends or going out to get my nails done on a weekly basis.  I cut my own hair, cook my own meals, garden my own produce and eat it too, I find others who grow fruits or vege's in their yards and ask if they have extra or if they want to get rid of or trade and barter.  When I do go to the grocery store its not much I do purchase just the basics bread, milk, eggs, sambazon drinks, chicken, fish that's about it.  I guess you could call me the frugal shopper and with good reason.  So, in light of all this I prepare myself mentally so I don't end up with sticker shock from rising prices and in doing the things that I do and how I do them I am better able to deal with the coming calamities.  I don't need a lot of make-up either to mask what I truly look like.  I used to wear a lot only because I used to sing and perform many moons ago but as the years rolled on I wore less and less to the point of not much at all which I am glad I prefer the natural unclogged face look.  Besides, if "SHTF" who's gonna care what you look like or how much money you may have had or that expensive trendy bag you're toutin' on your shoulder?  Who's even gonna care if you're a CEO of some big company?  What's gonna really matter is how well you endure and your ability to survive mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It's all up to you and how well you prepared on all fronts. Your survival skills will be dependent on all areas including food, water, medical, shelter and adapting, these will be the only commodities that will be scarce and the only trend that will be in vogue is survival.

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