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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Physical Preparedness

Exercise is extremely important especially if you're gonna have to hike some major mileage using the trusty old "footmobile".  You'll also want to be fit and fuel your body with the proper nutrients that it will need to endure and have tremendous stamina when you'll need to hike it to your bug-out fort.  Take into consideration all the preps that you'll have to carry and lug with you along the way, you'll need quite a bit of energy to take you to where you're heading to and you'll probably have no car by then.  When you think about it the United States is one of the unhealthiest nations around.  Seems obesity is rampant, diseases of every kind in just about everyone which is evident by all the medication that is prescribed annually to millions of people.  Our society is so fixated on quick fixes, fast foods, medications, sugar and fatty foods that really do the body no good at all.  I'm certainly aware of "moderation" but is everyone else?  Now, when you have an illness that needs medications that truely do not heal you but keep you only dependant upon them how is it that you will ever get better?  If ever SHTF tomorrow how many would survive and be able to physically run to the hills without killing over?  How would one continue to get medicine for diabetes?  And if you're obese and have not even tried to do some form of exercise will you be able to hike the miles that one needs to GOOD?  It will be quite a challenge and if you're out of shape you just won't make it because your body will probably revolt and go into shock because of the abrupt nature it has to adapt to in an instance.

Having exercised from my early twenty's physical fitness comes naturally for me.  I have incorporated it into my life for years and continue to do so.  I pay close attention to what the body needs by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and watching all sugar and salt intake every step of the way.  I drink more water than anything else out there on the market because I know everything else is nothing but pure sugar and I don't need to be another diabetic statistic.  I gave up drinking sodas almost twenty years ago cause I don't need it.  My sugar intake is minimal relying heavily on sugar provided by the fruits that I do eat.  Although I'll have an ocassional candy bar or bubble gum here and there but nothing where I'll gorge myself into oblivion.  Put it this way, I can buy a carton of ice cream and let it sit in my freezer for the longest time to only find out when I do want to eat it it's all gone because the hubby ate it all over the short duration that I did have it in the freezer becasue he ate it.  Salt has a tendency to make you thirsty and sugar seemingly makes you want to eat something salty.  I do drink tons of herbal teas in the mornings and evenings, I also love the loose tea's as well and they are all non-sugar teas that's the only way that I'll drink it.  Arizona tea's all have sugar in them.
There's another drink that I enjoy though it's the Sambazon drinks, it's really yummy with lots of acai berries which are really healthy for you.  I drink a bottle of this everyday sometimes two in a day it's that good I even make smoothies with it, so good!  It's like a gatorade for me except without the unhealthy sugar involved.

Keeping fit and healthy as best as possible will ultimately take you a great distance especially if you need to travel by foot up and down hills and mountains and long distances which you'll never know how far you may have to go or travel to get to safety in a hurry and if you can run it's a plus but you need to have endurance and stamina on your side as well.  My advice would be to condition yourself physically and prepare your body top to bottom.  Don't forget to invest in a good pair of shoes or several pairs of shoes, take care of your feet because they will take you where you will need to go.  Every night my feet gets the spa treatment in my tub from myself by way of foot scrubbing, massaging and brushing and trimming of the nails.  My feet takes me everywhere and I need to take care of it properly because if ever the time will arise for me to sprint, run or walk I will know that I conditioned and prepared it for that moment and beyond and everything else physically will align and fall into place allowing me to be fully prepared physically with the endurance and stamina that I have taken the time to condition myself for.  The rest of my body gets a MAJOR workout at the place where I work and I just love the thought of working out and getting paid for it. 


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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aloha, You've got some great points in this post. Physical fitness is SO important!! I envy your good health choices! Most of the month I'm really good--whole grains, fruits, veggies--but some times (like this week :)) it's an all-out sweet fest! Ugh. I know it's hormonal and it drives me crazy! Oh well. A few days and I'll be back to normal. At least I exercise pretty consistently! (I'm curious about what you do for a job that gives you exercise!!)
I'm a water drinker, too! Mom only let us have pop when we ate pizza, so I never got addicted to it! (I did the same with my kids.)And, you have nice-enough outdoor weather to probably be able to exercise outdoors all year long! Oh, how nice!

upinak said...

Be very careful with acai berry anything. It is a dieretic and can be bad for people who have diabetes. In some cases it can also leave you more thirsty then helping you.

Aloha2U said...

Gen-IL, yup we all do the best that we can. Another tidbit is that there's so much junk in everything that we do eat and consume and the need to read and be aware of the labels and ingredients can be mind boggling. Dr. Betty Martini is really great she talks alot about the chemical "aspartame" and how its in just about everything we eat, she also says it very toxic. Go to www.mpwhi.com (mission possible world health international) and you'll find tons of info on GMO's and aspartame. walking and gardening is good ways of exercise too. I work at Costco's and I'm a cashier assistant, I load and unload carts consistently all day long that means bending and stretching quite a bit as well as running for items throughout the store and putting items back. And we all know how huge these stores are so I'm constatly walking all day long. And then they got me pulling shopping carts at least 1 day a week rain or shine and pulling carts is a really sweat it all out work out. The most carts we are allowed to pulled are 10, so I pull my share of 10 sometimes 9 depending if I have a long or short rope to pull them. So when I'm scheduled for carts its 6 hours on carts and 2 hours in the store. I have carts today YIPEE!

Upinak, had no idea about that, I will definitely look into and take heed on your advice thank you!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aloha, My daughter is a bagger at a grocery store and I'm amazed at how her body has changed in a year. She probably was 10 pounds overweight when she started and she lost it all and really toned up her arms! It is a great all-day workout! I try and avoid aspartame whenever possible! Aside from it being bad from you, I just think it tasted bad!!

Aloha2U said...

Gen-IL, I just love the workout and you're right you do get toned muscles, my arms are like solid and several workers have commented to me that I've been losing weight but for some odd reason I don't see it but I feel it. Costcos in Hawaii is crazy busy especially on the weekends, just about every half hour we get approx. 350-400 people coming through the doors and when the holidays rolls around the count goes to 500 and beyond. And you know we got to unload and reload the carts and flatbeds and the stuff is mega heavy but somehow I'm able to do the duty (praise the lord!). Certain items we need not lift like car batteries, big furniture, beds, and the larger water bottle 12 pak case, generators but just about everything else is lifted and transfered. It's pretty insane, out of the four Costcos on this island we are one of two of the busiest and money making Costcos out of the whole nation. Our competition is the other one located in Honolulu, they are #1 our store is in Waipio on the leeward side of the island. And yup, everyone that works at Costcos loses some mega pounds BIG time.

Aloha2U said...

Hi Upinak, I did a little research on the Acai berry and found that the sugar contained in this berry is natural fructos, the harmful version of fructos is high- fructos found in corn syrup. High-fructos is derived from corn and found in many of the foods we eat. Most people don't have a problem with it and it passes right thru them. Its only when the consumption surpasses the 25% mark in terms of total calories consumed per day that it becomes disastrous. So Acai by itself poses no threat to diabetics. In fact, the high fiber content of Acai and similar berries cancels out any of the possible adverse effects of fructos absorption by blocking the absorption rate of fructos by the intestinal walls.

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