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Monday, May 10, 2010

Preparedness Training in First Aid and CPR

Part of being prepared also includes training and educating oneself in various areas encompassing your preparedness efforts.  In doing so you will be enhancing and empowering your knowledge and abilities to become better prepared and of much needed value and assistance to those around you in the event of a disaster where others may lack the skills and knowledge that you may have acquired to save someone's life.
This very same skill and knowledge may also be direly needed if all emergency service responders are nowhere to be found after 72 hours.  Ready or not natural disasters and man made disasters are gonna happen and have been happening more frequently than usual it is imperative to always be prepared.

By participating in first aid and CPR training courses you will learn to provide relief and help to victims of disaster and become better equipped to respond to emergencies whether it is in the home, at work or where ever you may be when an emergency or disaster occurs.  Having proper training in these areas will allow you to also assist family members as well as your neighbors if ever the need arises.  This past Saturday I was able to attend the Red Cross training course and became certified in first aid and CPR.  In this class we learned how to recognize and respond to emergencies that are often signaled by unusual sights, appearances or behaviors, odors, and noises that are often not easy to see or identify.  We also learned how to avoid contact with blood or bodily fluids by using protective barriers and following standard precautions.  Having knowledge about the Good Samaritan Laws provides legal protection to people who willingly give emergency care to an ill or injured person without accepting anything in return.  These laws differ from state to state, and usually protect citizens who act the same way that a "reasonable and prudent person" would if that person were in the same situation.  Here's the Hawaii Good Samaritan Act

A great deal of information was delivered in this class in the areas of breathing and choking emergencies, rescue breathing, cardiac emergencies, CPR and unconscious choking, AED, soft tissue injury, injuries to the muscles, bones and joints, sudden illness, heat and cold related emergencies, and first aid application exercises in emergency action steps and first aid procedures and CPR as well as AED.  In having the basic knowledge, skills and training in these areas an individual will be able to to give immediate care to an ill or injured person until more advanced medical care arrives.  This is an excellent preparedness tool to have under one's belt at all times because anything can happen when you least expect it.

The Red Cross CPR and AED certification is valid for one year, and First Aid certification is valid for 3 years.  A thought has crossed my mind regarding certification validity which is, what would happen if on a global scale disaster wise how and or just maybe would one be able to certify again?  Especially in a SHTF scenario, civility, laws and paperwork and so forth will all become void in a chaotic state.  Having things up to date will no longer matter, what will matter is what you know and the skills that you have acquired before hand.  All updating on documents, certificates, bank accounts and the like need to be done prior and before hand and likely so on a continuous basis just to be ahead of the game and somewhat prepared.      

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

"...civility, laws and paperwork and so forth will all become void in a chaotic state." Great point! Good job getting this certification! Having the know-how will be an incredible asset someday whether it's a SHTF scenario or just everyday 'normal' life.

Aloha2U said...

Thanks Gen-IL, I've thought about how used to we all are regarding laws, policies and just following the structures of things in a civil world like renewing a license or permit and everything else that requires us to be "legal" when conducting business or anything else for that matter in the US but yup, all of this will probably be thrown out the window when the SHTF.

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