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Monday, March 22, 2010


Spokeo.com is an intrusive website that I have just learned about from the dare to prepare website in an article.  In the search bar I typed my husbands name and everything came up including a nice big color photo of the front of our house!  Some if not most of the other information placed there was pretty inaccurate but the point is where and when did these people happen to come to my house and take this picture?  And the photo looked quite recent.  They also had our address, p.o. box address, phone number and a whole list of other information about the both of us!  I even looked into family members and my husbands co-workers and let me tell you it was VERY disturbing to find this stuff floating around out on the web for EVERYONE to see.

Do go to the article listed above in the dare to prepare link because it tells you how to also remove all your info.  I did write them an angry letter tactfully, so you also might want to add a letter of your own in disgust as I did.  This is real scary to see this much info about yourself out there.  Always keep vigilant and never stop preparing!


Jan said...

Dang this is an outrage!

Aloha2U said...

I am outraged to see such personal information out there like this! I believe these sites have people all across the nation working for them taking pictures and gathering any and every info they can get there hands on about everyone. The bad part about it is it pin-points your house and exactly where you live with your home number as well.

Phelan said...

I just went. they only have my public address and spelling of my name right. My husband's info isn't there.

APN said...

Thanks for update, I'm not in there, at least not yet, so I'll know to keep watching and if they ever do list me, I'll have it removed, I'm checking to see if anyone I know is in there to alert them about it

Phoenix said...

Last week, someone jumped out of a car, came up to my house, took a photo, and went on to other houses.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

WHOA! Okay, we were there, but they had some of my info wrong. Thankfully they have an old phone #. I'm going to have to write to get that info off of there! Thanks, Aloha!

Aloha2U said...

Phelan-Try also going by previous names such as maiden names too or if someone happened to change their name type that in too just to see what else pops up.

APN-Not everyone will find their names in there and the info is not all accurate but some of it is. I've alerted everyone I know of on FB and peoplestring and my email address book. I have also alerted all my co-workers so they can pass the word to others.

Phoenix-I believe that's what they did to take a snapshot of my home when we were not home and it looks fairly recently I'd say probably within or about a year or so ago.

Gen-IL-Yes, their info is so inaccurate it isn't funny because to me it sets you up for something. But when I saw my house as if someone was standing right outside of my gated fence taking that picture I was shocked to see this with my current address and ph#. I also saw a lot of my neighbors homes and info as well on there. Alert everyone you know and have them remove their info, this is real bad.

upinak said...

Okay I went there I checked myself and the BF out. We are "sorta" on there.

BUT you can take yourself off! There is a link at the bottom called privacy. I would suggest making a NEW email address and do not put too much info on it. My information is NOW GONE off the site.

FYI... this is a company that buys information off others. You have a Mortgage? They bought it off that Mortgage Co. You have a car? Same thing. You pay bills like phone, electric etc... same issue.

Call all of your utlities and ask them if they sell your information and watch what happens! I bet you will be P.O.!

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