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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Urban & Suburban: Living Off A Small Parcel of Land

Urban and suburban living does afford one the opportunity to live off the land or shall I say your portion of property despite the small size.  If you have grown flowers and others plants landscaping the surroundings of your home you can always transform them into edible gardens.  If your home or apartment is surrounded by concrete landscapes you can also have and grow a potted garden indoors as well as outdoors or on your balcony.  You could also try a hanging vegetable garden as well.  At Gardening Know How you can find many great tips and articles regarding urban and suburban gardening.  Learn to make the most out of your property and begin to save lots of money just by growing your own vegetables and fruits and in doing so you free up much needed income that can be used for other preps.

Another great saving tip are coupons, in several states its possible to purchase a mountain of groceries totalling in the hundreds of dollars and just by using a multitude of coupons you end up paying maybe 30-40 dollars.  Well, that's not quite the case for residents that live in the state of Hawaii.  Here you are only allowed to use one coupon per item, either the store coupon itself or the newspaper inserted ads coupon.  How in the world can one truly save here in the islands by such pathetic restrictions on coupons?  Most of the time the coupons are for worthless items, there's only so much hair dye one can have besides you can't eat that nor would I want to store it.  I may find another use for it in the future but for now I don't think so.
We also can't use internet generated coupons even if they are from the official companies website, I've tried that one and the stores excuse was they did not want to take it because of fraud even though I explained the validity of the company.  Coupons are a good source of savings but frankly I don't rely on them much here in Hawaii.  What I do rely on is the sales and keeping up on them on a weekly basis.  I also rely on a sound garden that will always ensure harvests year after year.



Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aloha, what a disappointmen that you can't use coupons to 'their fullest extent'! They are such an incredible money-saver especially when paired with a great sale at the store. Do you guys have any stores that do 'mark-down' carts full of dinged cans and such and clearance items? We have a few stores that do that. Down south by hubby's folks, they actually have a few stores where everything in it is dinged/clearance items from other stores! They're great! I always make a point to visit them when we're visiting so I can get some great deals to bring home!

Aloha2U said...

Fortunately there are a few stores here that do have markdown areas within the stores. Hubby thinks it's a waste of time to look thru the entire store but this is a way for me to find any and every great bargain there is to be found.

I wish we had a dinged cans/ clearance items store in Hawaii that would be great!

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