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Friday, March 19, 2010

Prepared and Ready

Nothing comes as a surprise to me in these times that we are living in.  From another assault on our Constitution  by the Pelosi strategy to the California budget crisis where 22,000 teachers could lose their jobs this year.  And talk about a police state the Feds are already on Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and Twitter is this an infringement on our privacy or what?!  States may hold onto tax returns for months and in the state of Hawaii that's well beyond July of this year.  Also, is the US anticipating something in the middle east that we should all know about?  Obama surrenders gulf oil to Moscow?  What the hell is he thinking and why?  This is really reassuring when it comes to "jobs growth" but not for you and I or the rest of America more along the lines of ensuring government growth under the guise of available jobs.  Nothings a secret anymore when it comes to government, the Penatgon has added Wikileaks an online source of information and documents that governments and corporations around the world would prefer to keep secret.  This makes one wonder if they are throwing a line out to see what kind of fish they are going to catch.  And finally, only now they've come to the conclusion that US kids are fatter than believed

Well, just to let you know people and preppers we sure got our work cut out for us and it never stops churning and spewing out at us each and everyday.  With the way the world is going we each have to navigate ourselves accordingly, we also need to be alert and aware of so many mind boggling issues that directly affect us.  Do not lose sight of what is taking place and what needs to be done on a preparedness level.  Focus on where you are at in preparing and reinforce what needs to be stepped up a bit more.  Start that garden or add to it even moreso, spend where it is needed and not wanted in order to balance the budget when it comes to your preps items, do weekly or monthly inventory checks on all food storage items and don't forget to rotate and replenish what you used.  Keep all cars in working order with a full tank of gas at all times, don't forget the pets emergency supplies and kits need to be updated and in order as well, have your water storage systems or bottled water, rain barrels thoroughly checked, replaced and maintained as well.  Do a routine check on all storage items from clothing, medical supplies, toiletries, and anything else that is needed.  Because when everything else fails around you, you'll be ready and prepared!      


upinak said...

but remember to do something for yourself Aloha. It would be a bad idea to have all this prepping done, your inventory in check and then not have an outlet for you and yur family.

Board games, cards, some hobbies to put into that mix is always a good idea.

Aloha2U said...

Forgot about that one! Thanks Upinak for the reminder.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Wow, there's so much new it makes your head spin, doesn't it? Great reminders of what we need to do and how to keep our heads on straight.

P.S. The line "US kids are fatter than believed" just tickled me! :)

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