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Monday, March 15, 2010

Preparing to Vote

We the People of the United States of America have endured quite a whirlwind of roller coaster rides through the years of endless deceptions and lies from our own governmental branches.  I need not explain myself when it comes to republican and democrats and the congress.  It is of great importance that we each must pay attention more so than ever now because of all the charades being played out in the political field.  With eight and a half months to go before we all are set to vote all eyes are on every politician.  It is impossible to forget the ignorance and arrogance portrayed by the very ones that are supposed to represent us and do the peoples will of America.  But I must remind you my fellow brothers and sisters there is nothing more scarier than individuals voting for those who paint a pretty picture and lace it with "sweet nothings" who claim they will do what the people want then turn around and do the complete opposite, exhibit A. our current president.

The people of America are on a path of revolution as I see it and this will continue and probably worsen sooner than later.  Our nation has been asleep at the wheel for as long as I could remember and only recently we have all been waking up.  It is important to keep up with past, present and current economic issues because it affects us all on some level or another.  It is also important to keep watch on global issues, forgetting not of other countries as well because we are connected there to.  The United States Constitution is something we should all get into the habit of memorizing, especially the Bill of Rights, get to know these and empower yourselves because we are all being under attack from all angles.  Do not let the government take away your rights or spin it the way they deem fit, if you do you will be very sorry.

Remember every single politician come November and do not let any of them spin a different web around your already dizzying thoughts.  Yes, they will toss to the media more lies and deceptions about one another when the time nears for voting but don't let that sway your heart mind and spirit.  Search deep within yourself and weigh things out for yourself, don't let mudslinging influence your decisions go with your gut feelings because normally that's the right one to follow.  Way before the presidential elections I already had a bad gut feeling about Barack Obama therefore I voted for another.  I realized how easily swayed people become into voting and now I am sure most regret voting for the "annointed one".  By no means I am saying to vote for one party or another because in my mind, heart and spirit they are all from the same tree just different branches.  It is you who will decide to vote for who ever it is that you think is the right candidate for the position that will represent us, the people well.  Choose cautiously and wisely.

And for those of you who do not vote, I would strongly urge you to get involved because this also affects you too whether you realize it or not.  If for a second you do not think that your vote will not make a difference look what happen when the people voted for Barack Obama, they voted for "hope and change" which they surely got indeed.  By voting you are making your voice and opinions heard.  Not voting ensures that your views won't matter to elected officials.  Think about it and make an effort for your country.  If you think that all candidates are bad do some research on them and where they stand on many issues, there are also third party or independent candidates to choose from if neither major party candidate interests you.  Always remember nothing gets a politicians attention  more than votes.  Also remember, Congress affects every aspect of our daily lives and often more directly by state and local government.  Here's a tidbit to remind you that all the roads you drive on, air that you breathe, water that you drink, food that you eat, schools that teach your children, parks that you visit, and the freedom that you enjoy-are all a function of government.  We live in a democracy, with a government that is by and for the people.  We are the government, as long as we vote. 


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Amen, Aloha! What a great post! It will take attention and vigilance on all our parts to get in office folks who will do right by the American people.

Aloha2U said...

I sure hope and pray who ever we do get into office will do the right thing and not the "left swing". I also hope that we don't forget, which I am positive that all Americans are fed up and can't wait to vote. For me, I am counting down the days and eagerly looking forward to November, I wish November came tomorrow already! I am so eager to cast the demons out with a great vengeance!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

You go, girl!!!

But, it's a little cold up here. Um, I'd like to go through spring and summer before we hit November again, okay??? :)

Aloha2U said...

LOL, you're right, you're right lol. Sorry gettin' a bit antsy here...:)

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I understand!! :)

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