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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Preparing Starts with You

The earthquake that viciously struck Chile is a tremendous indication and sign of more things to come in the near future.  Before this was the earthquake of Haiti leaving thousands of people dead, missing and homeless.  Let us also not forget the earthquake that struck Japan as well just about a day before Chile.  What I have found that was so strikingly chilling is that how the governments of these countries seemingly went MIA leaving the people out to fend for themselves and taking so long in restoring law and order.  Looting would take precedence over anything else after such a devasting disaster occured.  Governments from across the globe should take notice of how ill prepared the people as well as their own governments were in the aftermath of such destructive forces mother nature had thrown down upon them.

From the governments down to the people, each and every individual should learn to become more responsible in handling disasterous situations such as these.  And what I mean by this is that teach one another the how's, why's and what's to do in the event of any type of disaster.  Empower one another to pick up the pieces and join forces together in restoring things from a different level, don't wait for help to arrive.  Look how long it took help to arrive to these devastated areas.  If ever there was a nation or country that could do this they would be an awesome country I believe.  Channel the stress into helping one another on a grand scale which just may defray all the looting that takes place to begin with.  Furthermore, it's quite evident that looting has become an immediate response to any and every natural disaster that does take place.  Knowing this governments should immediately implement police officials, national guards, etc to protect business and properties as well.  In doing this maybe they could alleviate all the looting by finding a way to distribute what ever food and emergency supplies that they have on hand from these stores in a more civil manner before help from other countries actually do arrive.

Delegating people that are fit to help in many ways should also be utilized almost immediately, in doing so you channel much needed energy to help the mass population on a larger scale.  To me this is the only way a country will be able to survive in using there own resources and abilities to help one another.  Everyone is well equipped with skills and what better time to spring into action and use them is when disasters strike.  Another thing I have noticed is that everyone ends up feeling sorry for themselves, and I keep hearing "no one's helping us, where's the help?"  Well, how's about helping yourselves first of all then helping those around you with what you know.  From these few observations alone people around the globe are definitely ill prepared.  It is each and everyone of our responsibility to prepare whether they say "you can never prepare enough for....".  Nope, I just don't buy it.  We have all the resources, ways and means of preparing for any and everything.  If there's a will there is definitely a way.  As diverse as each of us are we all have that opportunity to prepare whether its on a small or large scale no matter where we live in the world.  If your government don't teach you this take the intiative and be a beacon to others

On the other hand governments can only go so far and teach you so much about preparedness, the rest is up to you.  Frankly, I'd rather not rely on government because they have a terrible proven track record in helping others, example...hurricane Katrina.  The importance of self-reliance could never be stressed more so now than ever because the type of climate that we are all living in is just too unstable and unpredictable.  Here's a few reminders, job loss in the millions, foreclosures of homes, natural disasters occurring almost on a monthly basis, rising taxes, food shortages, crop failures due to extreme weather the list goes on and on, I would think at least by now something would click in the minds of people in general but then again that's wishful thinking on my part I guess.  To put things in a nutshell and wrap up this post prepare, prepare, prepare and don't wait for someone else because ultimately it's going to come down to you, it's going to start with you and it's going to end with you.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Amen, sister! That was a great post, Aloha! "ultimately it's going to come down to you, it's going to start with you and it's going to end with you." Truer words have never been spoken! Excellent words today!

Aloha2U said...

Thanks Gen-IL! Just trying to make some sense here to the senseless, lol.

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