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Monday, March 1, 2010

Hawaii Dodged a Bullet...Again

Indeed it is true, the state of Hawaii has dodged yet another bullet when it comes to natural disasters.  But I would not for a second think that things will be hunky dory here sitting out in the middle of the Pacific after missing what would have been devastating for our state.  There are more disasters to come I feel nationwide and we are definitely not exempt from our share of natural disasters here in Hawaii.  With each near miss disaster that our state has experienced I tend to observe how the people here react and exactly how they prepare or not.  And from my observations on a scale from 0-10 I'd say the majority level of preparedness residents here fall into is half of zero to maybe a quarter of one.  I find this rather disturbing, the state and city and county of honolulu may be prepared to the fullest extent by leaps and bounds but on an individual level, per person I'd give everyone an "F".

Maybe I have not come across very much of any preppers here, but I am sure they exist but from what I see and know only a handful or less are preppers, a greater majority of them reside in the mormon churches which I am so glad and happy for!  If there were more prepared people I think I would have heard from them by now.  Despite the low numbers I will continue carrying the message out and informing the mass as much as possible about the importance of preparing in all aspects.  There are just too many disasters happening all over the world to not become aware of and prepared for.  And what makes matters more serious now is that they are happening more frequently than they ever have.  So with this in mind it's a good habit to form by being prepared for anything and everything always.


Kymber said...

i was really glad to hear that our friends in Hawaii dodged this latest bullet. i am sure that there are more Hawaiian preppers out there - and that they will find you!!! all you have to do is keep on doing the great work that you are already doing!!! keep it up Aloha2U...you are doing some really great work getting the msg out!!!

Aloha2U said...

Kymber you are the best!!! You really know how to give anyone and everyone a BIG pick-me-upper! Thanks girl for the encouragement.
I hope everyone here learns some valuable lessons by preparing in advance. If not, well, sometimes people have to learn things the hard way.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

So glad all is well down there. Glad you're safe.

You're right, Kymber is just the best encourager, isn't she? Amazing!

Aloha2U said...

Kymber is the master, hands down all the way!!!

Kymber said...

okay - do i have to admit that you and Gen are my faves when it comes to prepping???

you and Gen are the absolute best...and i am soo proud to be on the same team as both of you!!! you gals are the best i have ever come across...ugh...and i get freakin tears...when i think about how much work you are both doing to get the msg out...ugh...tears i say!!! oh man - you guys make me so proud!!! thank you to both of you for always being there.

ok. i gotta go. thank you both so much for being so real and so believable. my life is so much more enriched than i can ever explain because of you.

ugh. i am so thankful. you guys are really the best!

thank you both so much...from the bottom of my heart and soul!

Aloha2U said...

Kymber-no words...you have spoken like the true master that you are and it is I that is so grateful for having to know the best that there is. I so wish that we all lived on the same block in the same community and area, that would be so awesome! Or better yet designate one state as the prepper state, I'll tell you one thing this state would be so self-sustaining and self-reliant just the strength alone would be killer, could you imagine the example it would set for the rest of the world? That would be so amazing and awesome!!!

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