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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami State Warning for Hawaii Updated

Listen to all civil defense officials and obey all warning and evacuation updates.  Stay away from all shores and coastal areas and start heading to higher ground way ahead of time to avoid traffic and congestion throughout the island. 

Tsunami Warning ETA:

  • Hilo           11:05a
  • Maui         11:26a
  • Oahu        11:37a
  • Kauai       11:42a
These are just rough estimates in time arrival for the tsunami, keep in mind that this can change at any time due to the unpredictability of tsunami's and always stay posted on updates from your local TV broadcasts and radio.  As a reminder tsunami waves come in successions, meaning one wave after another.  Which this in turn varies on the length and size as well as how often and by the time intervals that each wave will be arriving one after another.  The first wave could be small or large following with larger or smaller waves continuing one after another in this manner.  Which ever the case this is a very dangerous and hazardous situation to be aware and alert to at all times.  From the updates alone they are saying that it could go on for hours after the first intial impact so do NOT let your guard down nor return to your homes until it is safe to do so and the civil defense has issued an OK to return. 

If you have not prepared and stocked up by now it is urged to do so.  Keep in mind that you alongside the gazillions of others that have not prepared will be with you as well.  Prepare to evacuate if you live in flood zones.  Read your telephone book, in the very few front pages there you will find the flood zoned areas and who will need to evacuate if need be.  Please keep 911 calls to a limit and only use them if it is an emergency, do NOT tie up emergency lines.  Things to have as a preparedness kit would be:

  • 5-7 days food per person
  • 5-7 days water per person
  • All important documents in ziploc bags
  • Water for sanitation and pets
  • Pet food, travel kennels, collars and leashes, etc.
  • Medications
  • Sanitation and toilettrie items
  • Gas for cars
  • Baby food and items
  • And anything else that you and your family may need
This Tsunami is a very serious disaster and I hope and pray that everyone here takes this very seriously and do prepare and be ready for the unpredictable.  For more info and updates click here.


Marie said...

Hoping for the very best in this situation--have linked to your information, and am glad that as a result of your work here that more people are better prepared for emergency situations. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Aloha2U said...

Thanks Marie and everyone for your prayers and concerns. We are monitoring this very closely by the minute and hour. I will be heading out to work shortly and hope things will turn out for the better.

APN said...

Thank you for the updates, glad you are safe. Lets hope everyone else pays attention to the warnings as well. Maybe now more people in Hawaii will start realizing the need to be prepared.

Aloha2U said...

APN-Well, that is wishful thinking but it does not work that way here in the islands. No one here prepares in advance, like I mentioned before in a past post the only ones that are truly prepared are the mormons and that's about it. The rest of the state always ends up scrambling around right up to the last minute to gather emergency supplies.

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