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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Warning in Effect for Hawaii

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake has struck South America's west coast friday night.  The quake struck about 8:30 pm Hawaii time.  For more information click here.  The article states that most of the Pacific region is under a tsunami warning after a destructive earthquake struck the central coast of Chile measuring 8.8.  Chile was also known to have the most powerful earthquake on record dating back to May 22nd 1960 having a 9.5 magnitude quake.  That very same earthquake generated a tsunami that hit Hilo, Hawaii causing 61 deaths, destroying Hilo downtown with damages estimating in the millions.

People living on the coastlines here in Hawaii should be prepared and ready to move to higher grounds.  Have a family plan and listen to all news and radio broadcasts and keep updated and informed of what is going on at all times with earthquakes becoming more frequent in and around the world the Pacific region is especially vulnerable to these kinds of disasters.  Be alert and be prepared! 


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aloha, I hope you're going to be okay in your area. Let us know how it's going there.

Aloha2U said...

Thanks Gen-IL. Fortunately I am very high up on mountains and far away from any body of water. I have never in my entire life have ever lived in close proximity to any beaches and for good reason.

I have my preparations in order, the hubby was awoken by me about 2am as I ran down the tsunami warning with him and so it prompted him to hit the gas stations before the rest of the island does the same.

Currently, like I mentioned in my previous post "how prepared is Hawaii, really" the people and residents of this island are running around frantically and stocking up last minute, the warning sirens have gone off at 6am and have just gone off again now at 7am.

I am currently glued to my TV but I will keep you all posted and updated. As of now the time that the Pacific Warning Center stated for ETA of the tsunami is 11:19am but that was updated to 11:05am now Pacific time.

I will bouncing in and out on Hawaii Preppers site to keep everyone informed of what's going on out here. But I may have to work today I start at 11:30a but that may change. Until then I'll be keeping afloat here the best that I can!

upinak said...

Aloha, I just heard about this and thought of you and a political friend of of (oddly named Aloha, what a coincidence!) and hope you are doing okay!

I hope Hubby is now appreciating your prepping skills.

I heard there was a very small one that hit.. but how high was it?

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Glad you were up and hubby was getting some things in order before the masses were. It sounds like things were pretty mild, eh? At least that's what we've heard here. Hope it's true and that all is well.

Aloha2U said...

Fortunately things turned out for the better...whew! At work it was hectic, quite a few workers called in and did not show up because most of them live in flood zone areas and they were all being evacuated. So glad that's over!

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