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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hawaii Basic Hunters Education Course

Great news! The hubby and I passed the Hawaii Basic hunters education course. It was a two day crash course, and it was the most my butt could handle planted in a chair for two days. The videos we endured were really outdated, I believe from the 70's. The class was beyond full capacity, normally there's 40 registered and 10 standby students. From the looks of things about 10 or less registered students showed up and the rest were all standbys, hubby and I were way below the standby list. Hubby tends to have a pessimistic view when it comes to hope but I on the other hand simply said "you never know, we still got a chance just wait and see if we can get in". Sure enough, we got in and registered. Normally it takes a good six months or more to actually get in and be registered if you miss the registration you just got to show up and pray for a spot and wait as a standby. Basically you have to register six months to a year in advance for a guaranteed spot in the class. This class had 62 students, well above the required amount 40.

I walked away from this class with a greater understanding of hunters, conservation, preservation, the different animals hunted, endangered, native, endemic and indigenous animals.
I also learned the great importance of ethics and character, sportsmanship and the laws and regulations and the management of how everything is structured and put together as a whole and just how everything functions in its proper manner and the importance of survival skills.

Safety and responsibility was stressed more than ever throughout the entire class. I learned about the many different guns, parts, the inner functions and the many types of ammo and how they function within each type of gun. We were also taught about the cross bows and the different types of bows and arrows. This class was packed with so much information I'm pooped and I think my head exploded at the end of my written test. I'm so glad it's over, the class I mean. My score was 90 out of 100, hubby had 83. Passing score was 75 if you did not get 75 or higher you'd have to take the class all over again, just that thought alone made me more than ever determined not to come back.

Now I must wait for the paperwork to be mailed and then I can start to pursue my gun licensing permit, it's a pretty lengthy process here but thank goodness I passed the course. The course is required in the state of Hawaii in order to get a licensed permit and own and operate a gun. The class really was an eye opener for me and the instructors were exceptional professionals and true experienced hunters with a wide scope in their fields of education.

I got a sense of the belligerent hunters that we had in our class, they stick out like a sore thumb on a donkey's ass. They are the pig hunters here, ignorance just exudes from them.
These hunters I know probably would not last in the states hunting in the wilderness for elk or anything else for that matter.

I'm not sure if I will pursue hunting because I'll probably starve before I make a dent in my very first kill. But I do know that this is an important option for me to have and maybe someday hone and hopefully become skilled at it. Besides, I'm gonna have to start concentrating on learning how to handle and shoot a gun first before anything else and practice, practice ,practice.


erniesjourney said...

Hehehehe - congrats!! I don't want to have to hunt but I will if I need to feed the family - good for you for taking the course!!

Aloha2U said...

Thanks erniesjourney. Yup, I feel the same way. if I have to hunt so shall it be. I'd like to get a rifle and a hand gun not sure which ones though. And, if SHTF all the rules and regulations will probably fly out the door and hunters will probably shooting each other for their kills-now that's an even scarier thought.

erniesjourney said...

The idiots that don't know the first thing about gun safety or their own guns will be very dangerous to say the least!

I am small - 5 ft 1 inch and about 90lbs so I settled on a pump action 20 gauge Mossberg Shot gun - I have named her "Bertha" and I adore her! I also have a .38 special snub nose revolver and I love her too - she is named "Betty". I chose a revolver because they NEVER jam and my clip always were jamming in my .380!

Always make sure that whatever gun you choose, you "feel" comfortable" with it when you hold it - make sure your barrel is not so long that you feel like you are going to topple over lol! If getting a handgun, make sure that your hand fits the grip well and is not too large or too small.

Ok, I will shut up now LOL! Take care!
Erin aka Ernie

Aloha2U said...

Hey, you're right! Thanks ernieJ. I will be looking to you more often for gun info and the likes. I am a small person as well. And the advice you give is golden, thanks again.

Ron Russell said...

I was raised with guns and hunting from a very, very early age here in the deep south. Hunting and putting meat on the table is as natural as moms apple pie and football on autumn weekends. Quite surprised you have to pass a test in order to obtain a gun and hunt---seems unconstitutional to me, but them each state has it laws, but the federal constitution should be supreme in this case. That said good luck with your hunting. Pigs can be fun. I hunt them with both pistol and bow.

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