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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Only Clutter To Have Is Food Storage

Everyone has clutter in the home to some degree or another. Through the years we've collected some odd and precious keepsakes that have become part of the furniture in our homes. Permanent fixtures that we don't even think of as clutter until we are faced with much needed space. Start thinking food storage and from there decide what to keep and what to toss. Space happens to be the greatest issue but you can find creative ways to store items just about anywhere in the home. Food storage made easy has wonderful storage ideas and tips with mega info on food storage.

Keep in mind and focus on the many areas where canned food items can be stored also remember to calculate the temperature of where you'll decide to store certain items. Heat has a tendency to rise to the top, therefore store canned goods and non-perishable food items at lower level elevation areas such as basements, under beds, lower cabinet shelves. Attics can be used to store paper goods, toilet paper and other emergency items that heat will not affect. Plan and utilize space according to it's functionality and how well it will work with you and your own food storage plans. Think of ways to convert rooms and spaces into categorical food storage areas be creative.

Shelf Reliance company has a limited special going on at Costco's $799.00 after $200 OFF 1-year supply dehydrated and freeze dried food I believe it's a pretty good deal and from where I'm at this is a deal that I just cannot pass up. Just a little tidbit I needed to add.


erniesjourney said...

Too true - I hear a lot from people "well, where do we put it all?" I say - it doesn't matter because it is what is most important. We changed our all-season room into a prep room only LOL! Would love to fix it up with wicker furniture etc and have a grand time decorating - but that is in the past now sadly! But, this room gave us the space we needed to put everything so that it is together! Great post! ;)

Aloha2U said...

Thanks, Yep, I got my medical and toiletries supplys located in my linen closet. The hallway closet I store my papergoods and my pet emergency supplies ready to go at a moments notice if I need to evacuate also got the 72-hour backpack close at hand near the door, One of the spare rooms I store an endless supply of toilet paper along with cases of bottled water. I also have over the closet space in each room but I gotta be careful what I store there because we have cats and they have a tendency to shred whatever they find.

My bedroom closet has more toilet paper in it as well, I've pretty much stocked up the kitchen cabinets to a bulging point but I still got space available to continue my preps. Have been donating and giving away stuff I don't need to clear up much needed space.

It's been pretty easy letting go of my stuff because deep down inside I just think to myself and say "will I be able to eat this?" If not it goes. The hard part is finding someone to give it to. But, I want to store most if not everything in one room eventually so it's all together like you said.

Kymber said...

Aloh2U - excellent post and great timing for me - we are planning to re-do our food storage as our fall project! At first, we had a couple of shelves down in the basement for most of our preps and this worked just fine when we were in the beginning stages of our "prepping". i am very glad to say that our preps have come a long way since becoming a member of the Prepper Networks - by learning of all the ways to save money and what is and is not important for your preps - and all of this was learned through reading all of the posts on the Prepper Networks - we now find ourselves way ahead in our preps and in a very short amount of time. So now - we need more room for our preps and the junk that has been collecting in our basement must be sorted and given away or gotten rid of - we NEED that extra room for preps!!!

and that is one of the bonuses of becoming a prepper - you really get to a point where it is time to really de-clutter - not only your house and garage - but de-clutter your mind and really change the way you think about prepping and food storage!

again - thanks for the great post!!!

Aloha2U said...

Spoken like a true prepper that you are! All of us thank goodness! Yep, I'm so glad for all the prepper sites, I've learned so much within a short span of time that I've joined thanks to everyone.

SciFiChick said...

Excellent post Aloha! I'm happy to report that I am to the point that in the very near future I will HAVE to do some decluttering. Not a bad thing IMHO!

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