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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Endless Supply Of Information

With a wide array of information and resources available floating around on the Internet you can practically find anything and everything regarding preparedness information online for free. http://www.standeyo.com/ is a really good site filled with emergency preparedness info, I purchased Stan and Holly Deyo's book Dare to Prepare a few years ago and liked it so much, the following year everyone in my family got one for Christmas. I was skimming across the web the other night and came across this blog http://www.incaseofemergencyblog.com I found it to be quite packed with tons of things, I haven't really gotten to read it's entirety but I did email the guy and mentioned to him to check us out at http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com I also thought it would be good to have him as a guest speaker on the Preppers Podcast Show.

E-books are very convenient and a wonderful option to have but I prefer a hard copy in hand versus a floating copy on the PC, although you have the option to print the book you will be using quite a bit of ink and paper with this in mind if there is ever a power outage it will be impossible to access the e-book. You also can't grab and go with an e-book in the event of an evacuation.

With a lot of free information available on the Internet it's easy to print copies and secure them in sheet protectors then place the pages in 3-ring binders creating a grab and go file in folder of all your preparedness resources and information. You might also want to make a few folders of different preparedness resources by topics the sky is the limit.

Another good place to find Prepper info is in bookstores and libraries. Garage sales are good to check out you'll never know what you might find that you could use as part of your prepper plan. And don't forget http://www.savers.com they do have books and everything else that you may be able to use for anything. Here's a few more sites that may interest you http://www.motherearthnews.com/ has do it yourself topics, organic gardening, homesteading, etc.

http://www.herbcompanion.com everything on herbs. http://www.citizencorps.gov/ also known as C.E.R.T you can learn and train to be apart of the community emergency response team, I think every neighborhood and community should enroll in this.

Don't forget the http://www.americanredcross.org they always have much needed info for everyone. The American Veterinary Medical Association http://www.avma.org has disaster preparedness info and printable material for pets and animals in general. There are currently 35 states that have animal disaster plans available you should check it out, unfortunately Hawaii is not one of them.

Here's a good one as well http://www.organicgardentips.com lots of tips organically speaking. I found this to be interesting average temperatures and rainfall in US cities http://www.countrystudies.us/. Here's another cool site I came across http://www.instructables.com instructions to a wide variety of things from organic to solar to recipes and more. This may also interest you http://www.fao.org/ it's a global information and early warning system on food and agriculture website. http://www.trackmyfoodstorage.com/ I found also to be interesting and provides you with ideas that you can utilize creating your own food storage plans. http://www.simplylivingsmart.com/ is simply building your self reliance. Enjoy the endless supply of info and do pass it on.


matthiasj said...

Lots of good links here. Thanks for the info.

Kentucky Preppers Network

soldierman57 said...

hello, frist time in your blog..lots of great info. like matt said will have to keep looking in from time to time. Thanks again for your time and info.

Aloha2U said...

I really appreciate it, I'll keep providing my best to help others. I also check in on other blogs cause there are loads of info that help me tremendously. Thanks:)

SciFiChick said...

lots of good links there. Keep up the good work!

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