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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reflections On Survival Within

Today, I have finally managed to hit another milestone, instead of sabotaging myself with thoughts of becoming a year older I productively look back at the past years and how much of an impact I have made upon others in positive and constructive ways. The things that I have learned and taught and how it all has moved and inspired me in building strength, wisdom, character and compassion with a deep sense of understanding and patience in life and for all of life.

As I look ahead in fulfilling another year of life's lessons, missions impossible to missions possible I thank the Lord for blessing me with the life to bless others in making a difference one day at a time. What I do with my life is a gift to the one that granted me life.

When we prepare we are in a constant state of preparation in this thing that we all call life.

A lot of times we run out of patience and we fall short of understanding, then there's the great lack of compassion and somehow wisdom can never be found with not much character or strength on hand to keep one going just to survive our daily tasks mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If we are lacking in these departments our cupboards are bare and need some major stocking up to do. I try my best to stockpile in these areas just because I feel the need here and intuitively it is a good need for me to have. I guess I would call this a prepared balance of survival from within.


matthiasj said...

Happy Birthday!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Aloha2U said...

Thank you so much, having the support of my fellow preppers is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for!

Kymber said...

Sorry to be a day late Aloha2U - but Happy Belated Birthday! I am glad that in reflecting back on the year you feel it was productive! And the words that you share in your last paragraph are ones that we all need to remember and do!

Aloha2U said...


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