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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Prepare The Immune System

This is the first day of the new year that I have had to call in sick to work. I was hoping that I would last at least a few months into the year before getting sick but oh well. With people coughing, sneezing and hacking in your face just about every where you go it's a good thing to build on that immune system of yours. I started feeling the "sicky" symptoms come on from the second half of my shift at work the other day, then by the time I got off I started getting chills, headache, and body aches. All I wanted was to get better ASAP because I knew I would have to call in to work sick. As I drove home I progressively got worse. So I remedied myself to some major herbal super atioxidant free radical reducing green tea, honey, mega doses of clementines, a naturopathic flu medicine, some very watery miso soup, showered, bundled up, had more tea and went to bed SUPER early. I majorly sweated my sickness out throughout the night, suffice to say I am feeling WAY better than what I have felt the night before. Most of my symptoms have diminished surprisingly to my astonishment.

With flu season happening just about any time these days it is imperative to keep the immune system working and protecting you in top form. As preppers you not only need to prepare in the food storage arena but also in your health arena. I would not want to be sick or stricken by some debilitating virus in times of emergency, that would be just horrible and a nightmare if you ask me because it would hamper your efforts in preparing and doing the things that need to be done in an instants notice. And what if you will not be able to access a doctor or hospital? It's going to be all up to you to nurse yourself back to good health, something to really think hard and seriously about I know I have. So make sure you have fully stocked and supplied yourselves medically with much needed first aid supplies, medicines, antibiotics, herbs, teas, spices that can also be used as remedies for sickness.

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