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Friday, February 18, 2011

Better Late Than Never Get Your Food Together!

                                                                Tillamook cheese 12 oz.

Like I said in my last post prices are definitely up and set to climb more this year. Here's an article on food prices. Instability in the Middle East will definitely cause fuel to rise in cost and China growing by leaps and bounds buying up a lot of America's commodities to feed their appetites will also have a profound impact on our food prices and everything else we consume and use. Don't forget about the climate changes and how the weather all over the nation has been affecting crops drastically for the past few years now. Also, corn and how they've been using it as fuel. All of these factors are contributed to the rise in prices globally.

It doesn't help when our nation is in debt to the sound of over $14 trillion dollars and it increases by the second as interest is compounded, see for yourself at the U.S. National Debt clock. Our dollar has gotten weak and is falling faster and losing it's momentum in purchasing power, I should know as well as a lot of others just by the amount of food you can get for your dollar which is not much these days. I can remember when I used to go grocery shopping and come out of the store with 6-7 bags full of groceries for under $100. Now it's more like 2-3 bags for about $95 and up. My grocery shopping now is more selective because of the high food prices. Even if there are sales to be had the prices are still in the high range. I look at the sale prices and I want to laugh because it's like does this really make me feel like I'm getting a deal?

Witnessing the dollar dropping in value is surreal but witnessing everything else in the world going on prompts you to even more so be ready and prepared for what ever may come that is why I always advocate preparedness and food storage. You can never go wrong there and with the way things are going nowadays I think it's best to get a move on before you end up paying $20 for a loaf of bread. Every family should have a food storage plan no matter what and if one person or more in the family thinks you're nuts just show them the proof in whats going on globally, nationally and in your own state as well as other states. My hubby thought I was a nut a few years back but now he doesn't think so anymore. I find it funny because he starts to tell me all the things I've been telling him for years about what is about to unfold globally, all the things that he would shrug me off on and say "it would never happen." Then I'd have to remind him that I was the one who told him a long time ago yet he'd never listen to me.

                                                                   Orange juice prices

P.S. take a gander at these sticker shock prices in Canada in the High Arctic community of Arctic Bay, Nunavut. There are 9 photos just click on the numbers below the CheezeWhiz photo.

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Aloha! Wow! I thought your prices were high (I'm assuming the oj and cheese pics were yours), but the prices in Nunavut??!! Oh my goodness! Is that for real? Can they really be expected to pay almost $40 for one bottle of cranberry juice? For pete's sake, I wouldn't be able to eat if I lived up there!! WOw! How on earth are they making it up there? But, yes, you are right. For the rest of us, food is not going to get cheaper. Time to shop sales and grow as much as we can!

Aloha2U said...

Hi Gen! Eeegads on the prices! I literally fell off my chair when I saw those prices in Canada. I just could not believe what I was seeing. When I first saw that article it prompted me to take pictures of the food and gas prices in Hawaii from various different grocery stores. In doing so it really was an eye opener because I don't go to a lot of the grocery stores here only a few select ones that have select items I am looking for.

I've also been taking notice of the prices rising by the week literally in gas and food items. So far Costco still seems a good bet in purchasing canned items but for how long is unknown and ordering dehydrated or freezedried items via snail mail will take awhile because some if not most companies take at least a month to reach here now.

To me, now is sort of a "walking on thin ice" time because things are happening at an accelerated pace and anything can and has happened and continues to do so. The month of March is another month to watch because more things will unfold.

I pray that the good Lord blesses and watches over each and everyone of you during the trials and tribulations that we all must endure, may he guide you and keep you and yours safe at all times.

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