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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prices Are Up Despite Sales In Hawaii

Prices are definitely up in the state of Hawaii and it has been continually rising whether people are aware of it or not. I know I sure am aware of it because our dollars no longer have the purchasing power that it use to have 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. And knowing this it definitely will never be the same, nor return to those "good old days" prices again. For one, take a real good look at our economy and the shape it's in. Gerald Celente a trend expert has been spot on for many, many years regarding our economy, he's good and he definitely would run circles around Nostradamus if he were alive today!

With the continuation of growing and rising prices of food in Hawaii it makes absolute sense to purchase these items on sale and if there is a limit to buy the limit. Hawaii is weird where they limit your purchases but I am assuming the limit is due to supply on hand. All the more reason to always have a food storage plan in place at all times. Oh yes, cannot forget about the 5 cent tax placed upon every bottled, canned, plastic beverage here in Hawaii that we have to also pay for with an additional one cent tax nonrefundable.

Here's a couple sales going on here in the islands just to let our mainland counterparts know what we're faced with here regarding food prices. Foodland sale ads may take a few seconds to load but you could mouse over the items and get a clearer picture and zoom. Go to the top of page to change pages on the ad as well.  Times supermarket, scroll to the very bottom of page to change pages. Don Quijote  go to the very bottom to change pages. Down to Earth is an all natural and organic grocery store. I will be posting other stores here later and updating some big box store prices as well. This is just to give you an idea of our sale prices here in the islands.

The price is in the pudding I need not any longer repeat myself over and over like some broken record regarding food storage and getting your preps in order. The only difference now is that you'll have to pay for things at a higher price and in lesser quantity. Quality? Well, you're on your own there if you have not done your homework by now lot's of luck!

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commoncents said...

I'm glad I found this blog! Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

Aloha2U said...

Thank you CommonCents. To the best of our abilities we shall all try to inform the mass sheeple, the rest is up to them. Your blog surely kicks butt, love it! Keep up the great work that you do!!

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