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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Incredible and Versatile Oil of Neem

If you have not heard of Neem oil I would strongly suggest doing research and learn of this amazing oil and it's multiple uses and applications. With all the preparing that we each do in all categories forever branching out and expanding into infinity and beyond, I've come to learn and use this oil ritually.  Neem is a natural plant and tree, it is widely referred to as the "village pharmacy" in India.  With a multitude of uses and applications too much to think of even typing, here's 1001 uses of Neem Oil.  I've discovered this oil in desperation when heat rash struck my skin like a vengeance.  My regular physician I truly trust not because all that I received was a steroid shot, some topical ointment and antibiotic pills, which are all probably synthetic and really heals nothing at all.  While doing the regular homepathy treaments on myself I needed something more than just lavender oil or tea tree oil.  I needed more than tumeric, cayenne pepper, coconut oil, aloe and I can go on and on here, but I needed something that really packed a punch, a walloping punch to my sensitive skin problem.

While reading of remedies for skin problems across the web I've stumbled upon this particular oil.  With nothing to lose and forever in a state of itch I decided to try it out.  TheraNeem products are what I am currently using.  I needed to find soaps, lotions and anything else that had Neem oil in it, in otherwords I needed to get my hands on this ASAP.  Wholefood's was the first place I decided to check to see if they carried anything with this oil in it and fortunately they did.  Pricey indeed it was, one bar of soap maximum strength is $9 and the skin and body lotion is $16 8 fl oz.  Naturally I made the purchase and have no regrets on money well spent.  Recently, I found the same brand products at another health food store much lesser pricewise and various other products under the same brand name, I for one was definitely an even happier camper discovering the lower prices.  But not only this but the store was so much closer to where I live, not only was I relieved in my pocketbook but in my travel time as well.

I also have a waterless pet shampoo for cats that has neem oil within it, this one I purchased a while ago and periodically whip it out giving the cats a surprise bath.  My cats really don't like it but I just smother and lather each of them in it without their knowledge of it until they're pretty lathered up, it's really funny because I always catch them off guard.  It works great on fleas and garden bugs.  Fleas is something we also should be aware of while preparing, here's a little bitty past history for you, The Black Death or The Bubonic Plague.  Now here's a big bitty current history for you on Bubonic Plague.  If anything, prepare for everything plagues and all.  Get all the essential oils that will be needed to battle what may come on a physical level as well.


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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks for the info, Aloha! I have not heard of neem oil, but will look in to it. I have sensitive skin, also, and need to be careful about what I use. Normally, I turn to tea tree oil, but if need is stronger, I'd like to have that on hand for times when the tea tree doesn't do the job! I hope you're having a wonderful summer!!

Aloha2U said...

Thanks for stopping by Gen-IL.
I've heard of it but not in it's extensive uses because It's actually an ingredient in my pets shampoo. So I looked more into this oil because of the heat rash I've been dealing with. It helped me so much more than anything else. So glad I was able to find the stuff.:)

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