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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Telepathic Communication

Now that I've got your attention, I thought that this topic would be well worth looking into. With all the different ways of communication in the world this is definitely the cheapest and you don't need to be lugging around batteries, phones, walkies and every other communication gadgets you can think of. It is another form of communication, a lost and forgotten form of communication. This is the only way communication is expressed in the spiritual realms. Animals and all other life forms communicate in this manner so why don't we? This is an excellent communication tool for preppers all you really need to do is practice and hone your skills. It really isn't as difficult as one might think it to be.

Many, many years ago my younger sister and I decided to practice communicating in this way, at first we ran through a couple of exercises and found it to be quite remarkable and fairly simple. Although we are nine years apart we are close knit and many times we have experiences as if we are twins. To start, we both sat far across one another in the living room each with pen and notepad in hand, I lead the entire process and we both switched roles as in "receiver" and "sender" throughout the entire practice session. We started out by sending each other numbers mentally, we would take turns, at first it would be single digits, then double digits and on to triple digits. I would send her a set of numbers this way and as she would receive them she'd write it down, at the same time I wrote the numbers as well on my notepad and concentrated on sending them her way. She would then write the numbers on her notepad and show me after she got the message, we would do this back and forth with one another. There was a few times though when I was receiving numbers from her her head was full of numbers and mumbo-jumbo. I then stopped and told her that she had to clear her mind in order for her to send me anything. What was happening was that her mind was racing with other junk and she had to empty it out completely in order for this to work. Both participants need to clear their minds in order to focus and concentrate to receive and send properly. The next exercise we decided to draw things on the notepad and send and receive these as well. To our surprise we were both able to achieve this manner of communication going both ways to and from one another. Our exercises were highly successful all numbers were accurate and pictures were all accurate as well.

From there on throughout my life I have been able to communicate in this manner with animals to the point where I could look at a persons photo of their pet and tell them what exactly was going on with them. I've also helped a persons dog come out of it's depressive slump and back to her winning streak in the dog shows here. On many other ocassions I have had several visits from friends and relatives, pets included that have passed on to the other side and the only way that we would communicate would be telepathically. And it would either be in the form of dreams and or in my waking state day or night. It didn't really feel any different only that you would communicate in a slightly different manner, mentally. I feel as though it's so natural for me I suppose and no, I don't read peoples minds because it's probably filled with too much junk besdies you need permission.

This is just another option that might be of interest to others regarding communications and having another form of it free of charge, no batteries needed. But you do need to practice to get good at it like anything else you do and you do need to find others that are willing to practice with you. I believe its a gift and that we all have it and what better way to make use of this gift as part of our preparedness skills.

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