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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Appreciation of The American Preppers Network

To my fellow preppers and those that make the American Preppers Network burn with an undulating passion of undistinquishable patriotic spirit with a self-reliant fire in preparedness.  All the hard work and effort that you all do goes without saying, we are the strength and backbone of America!  In appreciation of what each and everyone of you represent and stand for I salute and thank you all.  God bless America!

I have never been so proud of something as great as the American Preppers Network, and to think that I am a part of it just leaves me speechless with no other words to describe what I am feeling.  We each come from different backgrounds, nationalities, religions, beliefs, cultures and states, yet we are united as one.  Our ways of life for some are identical and then again for others worlds apart.  Many states are fortunate to have vast land to rurally live as the pioneers once lived enabling those to carry on a way of life that is hard, laborous and rewarding and quite frankly to me, ahead of the game.

I have a deep and profound respect for a multitude of you all and the way of life that you know and live so well.  Unfortunately, suburban and urban lifestyles takes away the very core and understanding of appreciation in ways of old and the how's and why's of the greatness of our past ancestors and how they once lived, they lived with tremendous purpose and value and a great majority of you carry on this legacy.  Growth is good but not at the expense of greed, nor at the expense of a lost art in living off the land which always benefits everyone.

Some of us have not been as fortunate to have been raised in such a rich and rewarding environment and way of life by living off the land and having skills and knowledge and the know-how to run your own homestead and be able to raise animals for food.  Then again, we do the best that we can with the tools, skills and opportunities that we do have to live and survive as best as possible.  I find that it is here where I learn the most at APN.  The way of the world and society in general has lost touch with their grassroots humble beginnings all in the name of progress and technology.  I cannot help but feel a greater sense of loss for humanity as a whole.

Past mistakes are recycled and currently are in vogue, nothing has been learned nor retained from our ancestors history up to our own.  The history that the world is making now I'd rather not remember, nor be proud to speak of except for the APN.  The children of tomorrow does not look promising, especially when you see a lot of them focusing more hard and intent on handheld video games, ipods, itouch, iphones and computer games.  There are no values, respect or appreciation instilled in a GREAT majority of these children and in turn they are a reflection of their parents.  This generation of children are called the (i) generation because everything is about them and nobody else, leaching and taking, (gimme) is the type of blood that runs through their veins.  Knowing and seeing this gives a whole new meaning to "2012" and beyond.  A scary thought indeed of having these type of bubble heads run our country in the future.

Respect and appreciation I will always have for my brothers and sisters whom I value and cherish at the American Preppers Network.

P.S. I'm just tickled and excited about the national radio shows Tom and ErniesJourney are on now!


matthiasj said...

Great post Bonnie. I'm proud to be a part of it myself!

Kymber said...

Bonnie - beautiful post! and you are right - this network is something to be so very proud of!!!

thank you for your contribution here - without you and all of the hard work that you do here - we wouldn't have the Hawaii Preppers Network! i, for one, am really glad that we do!

Phelan said...

Wonderful post. I'm glad I'm a Prepper too.

Aloha2U said...


for the wealth of knowledge that you provide with an endless supply and greatly needed.

I call my 24-7 411 teacher in just about any and everything I would have never even thought of in preps and so much more thank you Canadian Preppers Network our brothers to the north.

for much needed gardening tips and advice that I sorely need and canning I have yet to tackle. And being a great resevoir of so many
other areas in preps that I must learn.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Amen! What a great post! I also feel so blessed and humbled to be a part of this wonderful group of people!

American Prepper said...

Wow! Awesome Post Bonnie! Thanks for the shout out! We couldn't do this though if it weren't for great patriots such as yourself who are dedicated to helping others.

Aloha2U said...

Guys and gals, I am among the best!
thank you all.

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