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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Call Out To Preparedness In The Islands

A big thank you out to Matt for another great show on the Prepper Podcast! The prepper podcast helps to keep preppers connected and aware of the many areas in preparedness nationwide with weekly guest interviews, do check it out.

Regarding Hawaii preparedness in my opinion there needs to be more done on a more broader scale. For myself it is a constant state of being prepared knowing that we live on an island approximately close to 3000 miles away from any other major state. With this in mind it is vital to always be prepared. As a state situated in the middle of the Pacific ocean this creates concerns especially if we are faced with natural disasters as in hurricanes, floods, tsunami's and thunder storms or man made disasters such as job loss or terrorism.

I need not remind everyone in the state of Hawaii especially those on the island of Oahu who experienced last years day after Christmas blackout where the entire Island was completely out of power. Or a few years back when everyone thought that the stevedores were all going on strike at the shipyards prompting a whole slew of people to rush out to stores and buy out toilet paper, water and rice. If you start to prepare gradually and according to your budgets you won't have to be one of those last minute people running around frantically trying to find much needed items. This in itself tells you to always prepare and have a good supply on hand at all times in the event of any type of emergency.

Living on the island of Oahu I am sure there are many of you here who do prepare to one extent or another. The remaining islands I am positive there that many of you do prepare as well, if so let's hear from you be it Maui, Kauai, the Big Island, Lanai and Molokai. Hawaii Preppers Network would like to extend the aloha out to all other islands to get involved and share some of your tips and advice and just how you are preparing for anything and everything when it comes to disasters be it natural or man made.

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