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Monday, November 16, 2009

Take Advantage Of Disadvantages

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been busy catching up on other things regarding preps.
Now, for those of us whose companies we work for are either downsizing or cutting costs by reducing hours due to the downturn of economy. I find that it is prudent to take advantage of the disadvantages that we each face at a time such as this. Although my hours at work has been cut tremendously I do find the time to be able to pick up a few hours here and there when the occasion arises and I am needed. But, overall I have learned to take advantage of other areas and services when it comes to my downtime when I am off and not working.

To me this is a perfect time to organize the food storage pantry, making lists, getting the house in order altogether also up keeping the garden which by the way are all free and mostly takes time, energy and effort. But I have also been able to look into other areas of service which have also been free of charge. In September I took the Hawaii Basic Hunters Education Course, it was a two day class free of charge by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, passing this class I became certified. This class had many preparedness aspects to it.

This month I was able to take the C.E.R.T training program, another free course provided by the City and County of Honolulu it is part of the Department of Emergency management services EOC. I will be posting a separate post of my C.E.R.T training very soon. Upon passing this class I am now certified, also we were each given a C.E.R.T heavy duty backpack with so much emergency supplies included in the bag for free. The services provided here will provide each of us who took the class and passed information regarding all natural disasters and terrorism. We learned what to do and what not to do in each disaster. I will go into greater detail in another post regarding the C.E.R.T program. Just to give you an idea of a few services out there that can be utilized free of charge but with much needed prep info to help you as well as others as a supplemental tool to add on to being prepared.

The Hawaii Red Cross here charges a fee for certain classes, which I may look into. But for now I will continue to search and find similar courses with the "preparedness" tone to it at no charge or a small charge. There are many programs out there to venture into for preparedness and they just might be free, so take advantage of these programs while you can because my thinking is for all I know they just might get rid of these programs sometime later down the line due to lack of funds to run it. Each state may be different but this is just my point of view from my own state. Take advantage of all your disadvantages and learn what you can while you can.

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