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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Way Of Self-Reliance

Research and education is a combined effort towards preparing and making preparations in order to build upon a self-reliant way or lifestyle. Understanding and knowing the facts helps to point the way in which direction one needs to take when preparing for basically anything in life.

Being a prepper, a lot of research goes into observing and weighing a multitude of options that are available at least for now while we still have them. Knowing food prices will soar to even greater heights having a food storage plan is the smart choice. Evidence of food shortages around the globe only magnifies this choice tenfold. Droughts across the nation are another warning sign to our crops and foods that have been directly hit with major losses. Water is another precious commodity that we cannot take for granted and within this all the dire connections cannot be overlooked, without one there is not the other.

Our weather patterns have changed dramatically over the years and the seasons have been out of sync. Everything affects all living creatures upon this earth from the tiniest bug to plants and the animal kingdom all the way up to humanity. We are linked to one another whether we realize it or not. The day that we lose the honey bee's completely will be a devastating day for all of us, once they're gone we'll be in danger http://www.helpthehoneybees.com/. I just cannot imagine a world without honey bees, I love these little guys and I appreciate them more than anyone could ever know.

The ocean has been over fished and polluted time and time again. Mercury has been found in so many fish and to think we eat that very same fish. Humans are pretty much killing off all their sources of food to survive in the name of greed. Observing the world in such tail spinning effects naturally leads a prepper to be a prepper and an excellent one at it as well. A preppers instincts naturally kicks in and adapts to all situations from all angles. We are all preppers to some extent, but the full throttle preppers know who they are and why they do what they do.

Everyday I am given the opportunity to speak to a person on the prepper subjects. I find a great deal of wealth in the knowledge that I have learned just gushing out of me stressing the importance of preparing and sharing what I have and know with others. I must admit it is an uphill climb but just having others become aware is so important to me. I hand out food storage info and water storage info as well as global and current event periodicals that I print out from my computer and give them to people that are open minded and want to know more. I help direct them to what they need and want to know in an ever changing world at warp speed seemingly.

From there I let the world speak for itself, as global events take center stage people begin to awaken from the depths of their slumber and it is here with great clarity slowly they see beyond what is truly there. As a prepper it is my duty to help and inform others as best as I am able to without intruding or preaching unnecessarily, I know my limits and boundaries when it comes to speaking with others about prepper subjects. After a while they begin to approach you asking for more info and from there I expand on what ever they want to know.

I have been fortunate enough to find a few preppers here, but there has got to be more out here I just have not crossed paths yet with others that do prep. I strongly believe there are preppers here but finding them is a different story.


American Prepper said...

Excellent post...I know there are more preppers out there...matter of fact I'm sure there are quite a few people who are preppers they just don't realize it yet. The other thing is it's still a new word and may still sound silly to a lot of people. Kind of like how silly the word Internet or World wide web sounded 15 years ago, kind of like how the words blogger and blogging sounded silly 5 years ago...give it a little time, Prepping will be mainstream too as people realize the need for it and you will be one of the many leaders in this new movement.

Aloha2U said...

Thank you so much AP, your support means a great deal. This is an exciting time to be living in and I am more than honored to be a part of this movement as well as a part of the American Preppers Network.

American Prepper said...


Check out that link, I remember you asking about collecting rain water

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