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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Importance Of Self-Reliance And Being Prepared

I have found that it is quite challenging convincing others about the importance of being self-reliant and prepared. It really doesn't take very much to get started in having a preparedness plan for any type of disaster be it natural or man made. I believe the greatest challenge is the mindset of people, a great majority of them think that nothing really serious or bad would ever happen to them or our state is exempt from all that goes on in the world.

This is one of the infinite deceptions that so many have seemingly bought into and believe until something really does happen and they become directly involved, by the time this occurs it is already too late to prepare. Sometimes things can be so simple and yet become so difficult. A little planning is really all it takes and you really don't need tons of money to begin properly preparing for any type of disaster.

A food storage plan should be done on a gradual basis by purchasing items on sale when the occasion arises. Always purchase the limit on items you would normally eat and prepare for you and your family, a lot of grocery stores in Hawaii tend to have limits on sale items. This is when you can stock up on canned goods and toiletries. You don't have to buy everything on your food storage list in one day, a gradual process of planning in this way helps you to better budget and spend only on the things that you need, it also allows you to pace yourself because we do have other bills to pay, this teaches us budget and discipline in the areas that we each need it the most.

We must always remember that natural disasters aren't the only things that we must prepare for. Having a food storage plan will definitely come in handy in the event of job loss, thousands of people are losing jobs at an alarming rate never knowing if and when they'll ever find another job nor where their next meal will come from or how they will pay for their bills. This is a very important reason why preparing is so vital to our survival of living day to day. When you save for a rainy day it should be saving for forty days and forty nights of rainy days because you never know when that rain is gonna let up. And when you do save make sure savings is done in all areas of your life, balance the strength of survival.

Don't live life oblivious to the obvious this will be your greatest downfall and with dire consequences. Everyone has got to come out of their caves and investigate and educate themselves, there are too many signs in the world that obviously points us in the direction to prepare and become self-reliant.

Having a prepared mindset and self-reliant lifestyle benefits the senses and gives one a peace of mind and a secure feeling knowing that you have gathered your acorns before the winter has set in.

A new month is already upon us and hurricane season has three months to go and before you know it a new year will be arriving. From what each year has brought us we should have at least some knowledge of our economy from how it was to how it has turned. Statewide governmental issues should open the eyes of young and old and keep your eyes on the target here. Federal government issues on a national and global scale should by now convince you that we sure better get some kind of plan going for ourselves and our families survival as a whole.

I would strongly suggest taking a look at the natural world of plants, insects and animals they instinctively survive in a changing world alongside of us on a daily basis. These master creatures already have it in them, they intuitively know the importance of self-reliance and being prepared.
The human race has a lot of catching up to do.


Kymber said...

For sure Aloha2U - slowly building up on your food storage is a great investment not only in preps but for peace of mind too! and you are soo right - we do have a lot of catching up to do!

Glad to see that the Hawaii Preppers Network is in such capable hands!

Aloha2U said...

Hi Kymber! Been also slowly building on the minds of others here at work and in the neighborhoods. A preppers work is never done when the sun sets it only expands.

I really look forward to the preppers interviews on the radio show. Hopefully one day I can call in and join my fellow preppers. I've been catching the show later due to my work schedule.

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