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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Will 2012 The Year of The Dragon Bring Us?

Yes indeed, this year is fastly coming to an end filled with natural and man made disasters of all types, sizes, and shapes. Who could ever forget about Japan's tsunami of March 11th 2011 and following that a nuclear fallout from Japan's nuclear plants that were damaged from the earthquake. Japan had the 1-2-3 punch fully loaded disaster. Egypt uprising protests revolutions around the globe started to take flight and burn like never ending wildfires across the globe into other countries. The death of North Korea's leader Kim Jong II  leaves a lot of questions out there regarding the next leadership in command his son. Yet famine still flourishes in North Korea. The end of Gadhafi and Osama Bin Laden? Seems as though this guy supposedly died several times throughout the years. And no proof was ever presented to the public when the claim was made by the US government. I found it quite odd in how they seemingly got rid of the body ASAP, how about you? Strange year indeed for disasters in full swing and protests, revolutions and just plain weirdness. Yet the year zipped by like no other. The "Occupy" trend. It's not what they're for, but what they're against? Big corporations? Um, that soda pop and bottled water you're drinking is from a big corporation and so are all the foods that you eat and clothes that you wear come from. Hows about occupying the real monsters GOVERNMENT SPENDING! And everything else connected to those deceptive tentacles derived from the government. There's so much more things that came out of the year 2011 good and not so good but this would lead me to go on forever here which I refuse to because I don't have to repeat anymore news that you all hopefully already know by now.

But I will repeat the ever importance of preparedness and there has never been a greater time than now to be moreso vigilant in your preps. Don't wait for a disaster to occur because it will and don't hesitate and wait to prepare because by then it's already too late. So set yourselves up with preps and be on top of things at all times because anything is possible and impossible simultaneously. Keep on prepping!!!  

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