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Monday, July 25, 2011

Prepare for Tighter Manipulation and Control with Conditions

I don't know about you but if you haven't noticed by now how the government in it's many tentacles, offshoots, and forms works to prevent, eliminate, and basically destroy a lot of our very freedoms and liberties you're in bad shape to say the least to not be aware of. The FDA regulates the food and drug industry but I would not trust them with a ten foot pole, no make that a one inch pole.

 Keep in mind, this was uploaded April 2007. We are currently facing this very issue NOW in 2011.

A pattern of manipulation and control is closing in tighter and tighter knowing these things you need to be reactive and proactive in preparing for yourself and family at a vigilant level. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge. Fully arm yourselves with knowledge in all aspects that you will need to survive any type of storm including and if not the most important of all is your health and wellbeing. I don't need to tell you how to eat or what precautions to take to keep yourself healthy because that's your responsibility and everyone has different needs. But I can tell you to prepare yourself nutritionally by eating foods that are right for your body and that will provide all the proper nutrtional values that you would need to survive and function properly. Especially if you'll need to rely on your health in the event of a disaster that may require you to live without food or water for an unspecified time. And if this would ever happen pray that you have prepared with all the food storage preps ahead of time. Hopefully, you will have stocked up on medicine, vitamins, heirloom seeds, books and  everything else that you'd need in a survival situation to keep your mind, body and sprirt going strong. Something to ponder, should the FDA regulate your vitamins.

And, how Big Pharma got Americans hooked on anti-psychotic drugs. Um, this is a no brainer here. If you weren't aware of this one then Big Pharma has already gotten to your brains and body, lot's a luck in detoxing yourself on this one. Any and everyone that takes prescribed drugs will be taking them for the rest of their not so healthy life and you will never heal from these drugs it's all an illusion. The drug just keeps you going and hobbling along never tackling and eliminating your underlying health problem think about it. And how about the side effects that come along with each and every drug that you take, when you think about it the drug you're taking for one ailment is compounding you with another ailment that you probably never had to begin with, now you got an additional one and need another drug to maintain that condition or ailment at this rate you'll never be fully healthy ever again. Big Pharma really has people wrapped around "pill taking" so deceiving. People, you have got to take better responsible care of your own bodies, health and wellbeing. Start somewhere and become self-reliant with yourself and not allow others to dictate your health. Do something for yourself and your family, be the rock and pillar of strength that will lead the way for them and you. You have a choice you know. Choose self-reliance and self-suffciency, a sound mind and body is a better prepared one to face any type of storm.

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