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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Solution is Preparedness

Doesn't take a genius to tell you to prepare or does it? But little do people realize there are celebrities out there that are preparing as well for some unsettling times coming. Ashton Kutcher was recently in the news a few days ago talking about preparing and what he's been doing to prepare. Most Americans and individuals cannot grasp nor are aware of the reality of changes that are currently playing out around the world financially, economically, spiritually, and environmentally. What is disturbing is that there is a false sense of security in everything people do, think and know. Corruption is rampant in the media, government, federal courts, educational system, etc. Deception is business as usual, it literally blankets the United States which should scare the heck out of everyone but it does not. Why? simple answer here, it's a part of life. It's a big part of everyones lives and people are used to living, thinking and being this way.

I'll tell you one thing, this type of way of thinking does not sit too well with me and I'm positive neither does it sit well with other preppers globally. Preparing has never been so prevalent than it is now. Indonesia has just experienced another earthquake today. And there will be more earthquakes shaking up different parts of the world to come, got food storage? Radiation fall out jet streaming around the globe from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan is highly toxic, any amount of radiation is unsafe for any living and breathing creature. There is no such thing as a safe low dosage of radiation. Got potassium iodide? Try stocking up on spirulina, kelp, chlorella, NAC, melatonin, vitamin C, selenium, coQ10, vitamin E complex, and krill oil. All of these are designed to help you internally, especially when it comes to radiation from nuclear fall out or any other type of radiation. The link attached to radiation is an excellent one do read up on it and add it to your prepper skills and knowledge. As a reminder it may now take months to seal the crack in the Fukushima nuclear plants that are releasing radiation in the atmosphere, water and soil.

Got books? Always have books on hand, and I don't mean ebooks because in the event there's a power outage you definitely won't be able to access that survival book that you got on file on your PC unless you have a hard copy in hand. An excellent book and must have, is IT'S A DISASTER.......and what are YOU gonna do about it. And make sure you secure several copies. Set up your preparedness library with gardening, healing herbs, first aid, food storage, skills in what you'll need to-do type books, survival, nuclear, self defense, the bible, any and everything else that you and your family will need to have on hand in book form. Have a sizeable library of books because you'll need it!

Stock up on extra items, more of what you already have or items that you'd never think of stocking up on because this will give you an advantage when bartering. If you decide to barter a six pack of beer for labor work to be done DON'T do it. That beer that you just bartered may create a monster. Use your head and preps wisely when bartering. And never ever verbally advertise or show your case of bottled water to anyone. If you're bartering that water use one bottle and make it half empty. Always leave an impression of slim pickin's to none. No one knows how far I am nor how much preps I have, as well as exactly what I have for good reason and I'm keeping it that way. I will say things in general but I will not reveal the true scope, depth and identity of my preps.

Get your animal and pets in gear. Make sure they are prepared as well and first foremost. Stock up on their feed, food, water, first aid emergency pet kits and anything else that they would need. Do all your vet check up's ahead of time and get them squared away and updated in the event a disaster hits and you don't have their medication pills that they will need for a life time. Have alternatives regarding foods, if you run out of pet food incorporate some food that you eat such as canned vegetables, chicken but do this now ahead of time to adjust their tummies to hard times. But do also look into and research what they can and cannot eat when it comes to people food because some foods are toxic for pets.

Get yourself physically fit as much as possible. Building up on the immune system and making it as solid as can. When everything collapses death, disease, and sickness will get the best of those that are not prepared physically. Always be ready for what's coming in all aspects of  life, never leave anything up to chance and definitely never leave anything up to the government. Everyone that relies on the government will one day in the very near future get a rude awakening. Don't be part of the problem, be a bigger part of the solution and always be prepared.

Last but not least, the producer to the Learning Channel has contacted me via email. They are putting together a documentary and would like to know if there are anyone across the United States that are interested in participating. They are currently casting for a documentary focusing on stories of true and serious survivalists and preppers. Education is the emphasis here on the necessities and benefits of emergency preparedness that would help educate a largely unprepared public.

For those interested contact
Diana Johnson
310.842.9300 ext 205
Good Clean Fun

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