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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Time of Preparedness is Now

With another new year approaching and upon us all we have already seen and experienced far too many events to not be aware of on our part when it comes to preparedness.  Home foreclosures across the nation, bankruptcy, businesses closing, companies downsizing cutting overhead costs and in a lot of these cases laying off employees, job loss is tremendous but it's played down, the media does no justice to what we as a people are truely experiencing on a global scale.  I take it they just don't want to create panic on a mass scale and probably there's more to what meets the eye when it comes to the media in general. And let's not forget about the natural and man made disasters occuring in record breaking numbers just within this year alone.

Disasters are happening more frequently than usual and disruption to peoples lifestyles are being directly affected whether they realize it or not.  Where is this all leading to?  Well, the bottom line is it's all up to you.
If you lost your job like say, tomorrow, where would your next meal come from let alone how would you pay for your existing bills especially if you're living paycheck to paycheck and do most of your purchases using credit cards?  Do you even have a sufficient amount of money saved up for several rainy days ahead, that will come and have been coming in waves these days.  What's gonna happen if all the ATM machines were out of service due to a major power outage and there was no way of knowing how and when they would ever be up again and working?  If a major storm rolled through your neck of the woods like it is now throughout the country in certain states would you have enough food and water to sustain you for an indefinite amount of time?  And this does not even include the fuel you'll need to keep the home warm and running as smoothly as you'll need it to run in order to be somewhat comfortable.  Would you even know how to administer first-aid in the midst of all this if your life or a family members depended on it?  Because no emergency responders were available because their services were spread so thin that there weren't just enough of them to respond within 72 hours, not even three weeks what would you do?

Presented here are just a mere few important questions everyone should reflect on and think about when it comes to being prepared for what ever may blow your way.  Having a family preparedness self-assessment test would be an excellent place to start off on. The Family Preparedness Guide is an excellent place to start.  Another excellent and all around informative site to visit would be the American Preppers Network, here you'll find everything you need to know and be in the know when it comes to preparedness on all fronts, because the American Preppers Network encompasses all 50 states.  You'll find hundreds if not thousands of topics, tips and info on just about any and everything preparedness.  You'll get a glimpse and learn what's happening in all the different states, you could even listen in on the Prepper Podcast Show and gain major insights on all the guestspeakers Monday through Friday.  And, if there's one book that I'd like everyone to read it would have to be IT'S A DISASTER!....and what are YOU gonna do about it by Bill and Janet Liebsch.  A must have disaster preparedness book to have in your emergency kit, this book does not disappoint, what it does do is inform and help you to be better prepared in the event of a disaster.

So, now that I've refreshed a few of your memory banks deep within the sleepy vaults of your mind, the last place that I'd want anyone to be is in a state of being unprepared.  And yes, I'm definitely talking especially, to the people of the state of Hawaii, whom have been asleep since who knows how long and when....too long.  WAKE-UP people, we live on an island out in the middle of the Pacific......do the math!!!

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good post, Aloha! Especially that last paragraph!

Aloha2U said...

Thanks Gen-IL A Happy New Year to you as well! Don't know what it's gonna take to wake up these sleeping zombies out here but it's gonna have to be really big and dramatic probably.

Fortunately a few of my co-workers show an interest in preparedness and I did give them the It's a Disaster book for Christmas which they truely enjoyed and it really got them thinking about preparing for themselves and family which is a good start.

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