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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stranded and Ill Prepared

Imagine being stranded and ill prepared.  Just the thought alone is an unsettling nightmare well, that's exactly what thousands of people are going through in Europe.  About a week ago Iceland's volcanic eruption created such a plume filling the air with volcanic ash that literally stretched across the region.  The domino effect took place immediately airlines cancelled flights due to the ash affecting the engines of the planes creating an astronomical financial loss to the travel industry.   In turn this affected all passengers scrambling to find flights back home.  40,000 Americans stranded most of these stranded people did not prepare on spending more money just to survive comfortably in an uncomfortable situation.  In fact people were running out of their meds.  Imagine if you will living off of credit cards.  This is probably the scenario that the majority of passengers are having to do and I am sure each and everyone of them are completely strapped for cash in this instance alone.

What about sanitary conditions?  How does one take a shower in a situation like this?  I'm positive the restrooms are a complete mess to say the least and the lines that you'd have to wait and stand in just to use the toilet, it would be prudent to have an extra roll of toilet paper tucked away in your bag for times like these.  If you have children or even babies how does one even grasp the magnitude of sanity in those conditions?  Travelling with a pet?  How will the pet be fed and watered as well as relieved and don't forget about your pet's stress level because they do stress out as well.  People aren't the only ones that experience stress in times of trouble and uncertainty.  Now, where will you get food from?  And how much will that be?  With the current situation at hand food supplies will and definitely be affected as well.  The effects will take place in the shipping process to the trucking process as well as the growing process, do you see the domino effect here?  Mother nature once again slaps some hard facts and situations to deafening ears and ill prepared people.  The frequency of these disasters are hard not to pay attention to sadly no one listens nor pays attentative attention.

Just because we go on vacations or travel across the globe from time to time does not mean that we have to let our guard down, preparedness NEVER goes on a vacation always remember that.  What it does mean is that we have to be even more vigilant preparedness wise.  Nowhere in the world any human being is safe from any and all disasters natural or man made that's just how it is folks.  You can always prepare especially when you go on trips.  Take that extra step to have a decent amount of preps with you "just in case".  It's always better to be safe than sorry and a "happy camper" instead of a "miserable camper" along with thousands of other campers.  An idea of preparedness would be is to have a friend or many in every place that you travel to or visit so that in the event of an emergency you'll have that back-up plan and friends will be there to help you and you can do the same for them when they travel to your neck of the woods if something happens.  Keep those connections tight and strong so that you'll never have to end up stranded and ill prepared. 

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Wow, I had no idea there were 40,000 Americans stranded! Whew! You're right, I'm sure, about most of them being unprepared! Folks just don't think about what could go wrong in a situation they're in. Oh, and the bathroom situation. Ugh. That doesn't sound too fun. A roll of tp in your bag is a fantastic idea!

Aloha2U said...

I really feel for those people out there. The hubby always has an extra roll of TP in his truck when he goes off to work. That reminds me I best be putting one in my car as well.

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