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Friday, February 5, 2010

Food Storage Replenishing Idea's

A simple task can become overwhelming when it comes to food storage replenishing what you use can also be a chore to continue, yet it always needs to be done.  I find that whenever I don't restock items to my food storage supplies on a continuous basis within a timely manner I end up playing catch-up.  And it always trickles down into other items that I need to restock making it a weak link in my supplies and the way that I manage my FS plan.  With this in mind, I have created an inventory list to remind me each week of what items need to be replaced and how much of it.  I set a simple list of say 5-10 items for the first week of the month continuing this list for the entire month with various items for each week.

The first week I may list items from each categorical group for example:

Canned: Week 1
  1. Soups
  2. Vegetables
  3. Fruits
  4. Meats
  5. Beans
Paper Goods: Week 2
  1. Toilet paper
  2. Paper plates
  3. Paper towels
  4. Napkins
  5. Kleenix tissue
Keeping in mind of your budget and watching the sales ads in the newspaper and using coupons.  I have  a very small kitchen, so this reminds me of organizing along the way of replenishing my preps and utilizing other areas around and within the home.  All of these factors run through my head as I'm building and rebuilding my food storage supplies as well as rotating on a regular basis.  It is tideous and brings a whole new meaning to multitasking, makes me really appreciate how squirrels store food for the winter in a gigantic way.

Another thing I have to factor in is the hubby, he's not too keen on my food storage plan or the idea of having preps at all.  Which does make things a bit difficult at times but definitely not impossible to work around.  I end up doing most if not all of my preps shopping without the hubby simply because he can become a road block and just flat out thwart my efforts in preparing period.  And I'm not about to stop my FS plans because he thinks it's silly or a waste, because the day will come and it will when something major will hit us all and he will be very grateful that I as a squirrel did stock-up and store food and much needed items beforehand.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good way to keep on top of the preps. I'm so sorry that your hubby isn't supportive. I'm glad you've figured out how to keep the peace and keep your preps. I know that can be difficult for some folks. And, you're right that one day he'll be overjoyed that you prepared!

upinak said...

Aloha, I feel your pain.

One problem is I have a Mom who is a hoarder (ever seen the show) and a Boy Friend who is very.. military Marine still.

Mom lives with me, the BF only part of the time.

Imagine trying to balance both! I am also a minimalist so put hoarder + organized + minimalist in the same house.. and it can be frustrating.

It isn't so much the food issue it is the fact of rotating when you have one person who doesn't like to throw anything out and another who won't eat anything if it is within a month of expiring. So here is what I did.

Anything over a year if canned.. GONE. Dried has a 3 years after date shelf life... so anything older GONE!

Now anything that is expired, I have in plastic tubs in my basement. Every month I look at them and rotate the old out and put the new expired in in or them and then replenish what is needed to be replaced.

Expired food isn't bad, I have had some. But if canned food freezes I have some serious bacterial issues. And I assume you do with heat as well.

Just a suggestion and your hubby can't complain about it!

Aloha2U said...

Gen-IL-It is an uphill battle and always has been with hubby regarding preps, but you know us women we have our ways around stuff like this and if I have to be that little squirrel I will.

For a while trying to figure out a system of gathering preps and what and how much was boggling my brains because this can really overwhelm you especially with all the different things that you need to store and your budget. It's like you want to get everything but you don't know what to get of everything and just how much and then you got the budget to factor in as well.

But I really needed to get organized and focused and somewhat have a sort of structure or sense of direction when it came to preps because you literally can end up just going out and randomly running amuck when gathering things not realizing that you have more honey in your cabinet than tuna. It's like being a scatter brain. lol.

upinak-you have really great suggestions. Wow, that's really frustrating with all three different ways of thinking and doing in your home. I guess for me I feel as though I am not doing enough in my preps and reason being is that it could be that I'm the only one doing the preps when there are two of us but the other simply can't see getting onboard to help pick up where I'm lagging.

Hubby always complains but I just say "whatever" and carry on with the preps. lol

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