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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hawaii's Volcanic Vog

Hawaii is a state comprised of 8 islands, each unique and different in itself.  Each island also has several volcanoes.  The only island that has an active volcano is the Big Island as far as we all know.  Kilau'ea volcano's ongoing eruptions began in 1983, creating a constant flow of lava and gases.  The vog created by Kilauea's volcano continues to disperse sulfur dioxide into the air creating hazardous conditions to one's health.

Safety precautions should always be taken to avoid breathing such toxic air.  Using a mask will help to some degree and staying indoors air-conditioned will help aleviate breathing vog air. The vog is downright nasty and this volcanic air pollution stretches for miles blowing across the rest of the islands depending on the wind patterns.  It is with good reason and prudent to always be prepared for this type of emergency especially if you have respiratory problems such as asthma.  Visit your doctor so that he/ she may advise you in what to do and what extra precautions to take as well as medicine that they may be able to prescribe for you before the vog gets worse.  The best advice would be to leave the area entirely.

Vog also damages crops and creates acid rain which affects water quality.  A lot of the residents on the island of Hawaii uses rooftop water catchment systems for drinking water.  With acid rain involved this creates a health hazard because the water then becomes contaminated.  On the island of Oahu we feel the effects of the vog as well and today the weather forecast predicted thicker vog for this evening and tomorrow.

Here's 2 snapshots of the Vog that I took this morning  around 6:30a and 7:05a it really looked thick.

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