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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Herbal Teas As Part Of Your Food Storage

Whether You're a Coffee drinker or prefer teas it's always good to have a well stocked supply of these items on hand. My preference is herbal teas, they are not only healthy for you but go well cold or hot which ever way you prefer. There is a wide variety out there to match anyone's pickiness. Fruit teas are a wonderful variety, flower or herb teas are another and you can eaily make these on your own by drying the herbs and flowers with a food dehydrator.

If it is the decaffeinated that you choose there are many teas that have no caffeine in them but at the same time there are caffeinated teas as well, the choice is yours. Another tea is green tea, the highest quality green teas can only be found in Japan, all other countries mass produce them like China but the quality is less superior than the ones you'll find from Japan all due to the way it is grown, produced and manufactured. Matcha green tea from Japan is used for the cultural activity called Japanese tea ceremony it centers on the preparation, serving and drinking of matcha. It is a variety of finely powdered green tea. Matcha tea is also used to flavour and dye foods. It is used in baking, soba noodles, mochi, green tea ice cream and a wide variety of Japanese confectionery.

This by far is my most favorite tea because not only does it offer a variety of uses it also carries a great deal of health benefits. Uji, Kyoto, Nishio, and Aichi are the most famous matcha producing regions in all of Japan. Being completely natural it carries up to 10-17 times the antioxidants of wild blueberries and 5-7 times higher than dark chocolate. And up to 7-9 times the beta-carotene found in spinach. Since the quality of this green tea is higher than any other teas it is a bit on the expensive side and you may have to go out of your way in finding it. Matcha green tea can be found on several online sites and or you may have an Asian or oriental store or market somewhere in your state. Fortunately, the state of Hawaii has several oriental and Asian markets that do carry a variety of green teas here and Matcha being one of them but it is pricey and well worth it for me.

Having been to Japan a few years back for six months I was fortunate enough to appreciate a different culture, way of life, language and food. Everything has been and will always be memorable in that point and time when I travelled there. I was also able to learn the language as well and communicate with the local people there. But the food, candies, baked goods and just everything left me with an everlasting impression to hopefully go back there one day again.

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