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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Preparing To Be Self-Reliant

The Hawaii Preppers Network are united with the other 49 states preppers network. Our goal is to teach and learn self-reliance in the areas of preparedness. Within this vast ocean of preparing we each have a wide array of information and resources that everyone can draw from. Education and planning is the key, utilizing the resources that you have and expanding on them will help you greatly as one embarks on the journey of preparedness.

Awareness is of great importance, knowing what lies ahead of us should direct each and everyone of us to start planning and preparing for any and everything that could and just may come our way in the not too distant future. The economic future of each state hangs in the balance. The ways that we live and have been living has abruptly changed, it is evident by the weak dollar. Job loss has soared and our own government have shown us by leaps and bounds that we just cannot rely on them no more.

Hurricane Katrina was an astronomical reminder for those of you who are blind and still sleeping. If anything, that disaster said to me no one's going to help us but ourselves and if anyone else did not get that "memo" I think it's time to start planning with your family.

If lives can be abruptly rearranged by a storm of that magnitude, lives can also be productively arranged to better prepare and better arm themselves for what ever type of storm comes.

The people of Hawaii must realize the importance of preparation, all it takes is dock workers to go on strike, a major debilitating hurricane or nuclear war or a global pandemic to paralyze this state completely. Where would you be? And how prepared are you to be able to comfortably survive for months or maybe years without the shipment of food or supplies arriving on ships at all? Do you have a edible garden? Do you have enough food and water to sustain your family for 2 weeks, a month or even a year? Do you have skills that will benefit your family and neighbor if needed for survival? Do you know how to protect yourself and property if ever the occasion arises? These are a few of the questions that we each should be asking ourselves. Remember we live on an island out in the middle of the ocean. Right there in itself is a red flag. Becoming self-reliant is being prepared and being prepared is becoming self-reliant.

Honestly ask yourself these questions and look at your answers, the answers will be quite revealing on how well you and your family really are prepared in the event a disaster strikes. Will you be one of those who will be standing in a wrap-around-the-store-line to buy goods after the disaster struck? Not knowing whether there will be anything left on the shelf when it comes your turn to be allowed in the store? I refuse to be part of the hugely unprepared crowd and I urge everyone to do the same. Do your part and prepare, do it for yourself, family and neighbors build a community learn from each other and teach self-reliance.


American Prepper said...

Excellent post, I always preach Self-Reliance. I think it's the foundation to being a prepper

Aloha2U said...

yes, it is the foundation of every prepper and being self-reliant is also a part of surviving. Those of us who do preach it practice it daily.
Plants, animals, insects and all living creatures on earth are the masters of self-reliance. The only thing that thwarts their very existence is mankind.

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